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Rising Spirals Reiki is dedicated to: Teaching energy-based subjects such as Reiki and Elemental Frequencies Raising awareness about the importance of leaning to read energy Encouraging self-reliance

Reiki Practice From the Perspective of an Energist

At Rising Spirals Reiki, my focus is teaching people to read and work with energy. That makes me an Energist.

An Energist is not simply someone who believes in energy. It’s difficult in our world not to believe in energy, since some manifestations of energy, like electricity, have been proven by science.

As an Energist, I am someone who believes that the Universe and all within it is energy and is created by and run by, energy. Energy is neutral, nameless, bodiless, genderless. We decide what meaning it has and that can give it a focus or polarity.

That also connects us to energy frequencies that are beneficial, like hope, joy, compassion, patience, etc. But of itself, energy is neutral.

As such, it is diminished when it is defined too far or shackled as part of a human-based system.

I believe the Source of the Universe, what some would call “god”, is a cooperative collective of energy frequencies. To me, it looks like a circle composed of smaller circles, or bubbles.

This is why I have used the system of Reiki only as a structure to talk about energy, not as a “buzz word” or “the” best system. Nor have I gone along with many of the trends taking place in Reiki groups. When we put human names and associate human systems with energy, we limit it by defining it, and that, in turn, can limit our belief in what we can do with it.

I believe that if we simply read energy and work with energy frequencies, that there is nothing we cannot do. This is why the ideas of holding space and intent are so important.

Holding space for peace to occur, for example, means simply noting and naming what is going on, whether we perceive it as “positive” or “negative” and continuing to simply offer the energy of peace.

And to believe that the energy of peace exists even when there are also energies of fear, anger or frustration existing in the same area.

This is why our space at Rising Spirals Reiki is a religion-free zone. Any helpful system like Reiki can become religious if and when too many human rules are imposed upon it.

As an Energist, I teach Reiki and other energetic subjects from a neutral space. This means that I focus on the energy of the lifeforece frequencies that allow us to exist on Earth.

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    Kriss Erickson, Reiki Master Teacher


    Kriss Erickson is an Usui/Tibetan, Atlantean, Crystal, Ra-Sheeba and Lightarian Reiki Master Teacher. She has also developed a system that attunes you directly to the five elements of Fire, Water, Metal Air and Earth, and to the dragon guardians of each element.

    Kriss teaches all levels of Reiki and offers 1-on-1 sessions, Rune readings and energetically inspired artwork.