Reiki and Crystals to balance Blood Pressure by Kriss Erickson

Looking at blood pressure from an energetic perspective, it is all about balance. Blood pressure is affected by our view of ourselves. So if we allow fear or anxiety to be a part of daily life, blood pressure can go up.


High blood pressure is also often associated with stress. It isn’t the actual stress that causes high blood pressure, though, but how you respond to stress. What is a stressful situation for one person might be an exciting challenge to another. For example, some people love to fly. For others, the thought of riding in a plane can create anxiety. So it is harmony and balance within ourselves that keeps our being—and our blood pressure—on an even keel.


Reiki Supports Balanced Blood Pressure


One of the medically proven benefits of Reiki is its calming effect. To feel this effect, open a Reiki channel. Place your hands on your abdomen or one hand on your Solar Plexus Chakra and the other over your Heart Chakra. Open yourself to the Reiki frequencies for 5 to 30 or more minutes. After the first 3 – 5 minutes you should feel more relaxed and calmer. Your breathing should be slower and deeper.


If you have high blood pressure, take your blood pressure before and after sharing Reiki with yourself. Often, the levels will drop 20 or more points in 5 minutes.


If you have low blood pressure, Reiki helps to raise your blood pressure to a healthier level. Remember that Reiki is a balancing energy, so all you need to do is accept and work with the frequencies.


Stone Allies for Balanced Blood Pressure


There are many benefits to adding stones and crystals to your Reiki treatments, and to your health regimen. One benefit is that Reiki and stone/crystal frequencies complement each other. Another is that you can carry stones with you and benefit from their frequencies while driving or at other times when sending Reiki may not be as easy.


There are thousands of wonderful stone and crystal allies, so the list I am providing is by no means complete. These are just a few suggestions of stone energies that are helpful.


After you choose your stone allies, spend a few minutes sending Reiki to therm. You can simply open a Reiki channel or imbue them with Reiki symbols according to your level of training and your needs. The Mental/Emotional Symbol is particularly helpful for balance. You can also use the Distant Symbol to set an intention that the energy continue to flow throughout the day.


In general, and in keeping with the energetic aspects this blog is focusing on, stones that support the heart field, Solar Plexus Chakra, kidneys and nervous system are helpful in regulating blood pressure.


Heart Field Stone/Crystal Suggestions


Heart field support is important not only because of proximity but because the heart field contains a lot of what we think of ourselves and others. Who and what do we trust? How easy is it for us to trust? What will we block? What will we allow?


Rose Quartz, Larimar, Green Calcite and Bloodstone are excellent choices for heart field support. Rose Quartz is gentle and balancing. It has the aspects of Clear Quartz, which is clearing and purifying as well as protective, and the calming, reassuring, balancing aspects of Rose Quartz.


Larimar is calming and balancing, reminding us that what to us could be turbulence might seem like a little ripple in the waters of life to others. Green Calcite is calming, and as a sedimentary stone, is grounding, reminding you what is important. Bloodstone is strengthening and supportive, urging us to believe in ourselves and take the time necessary to figure out what we need and go for it.


Solar Plexus Stone/Crystal Suggestions


Orange and Yellow Calcites are excellent supports for the Solar Plexus area. Their supportive, grounding energy encourages you to believe in yourself and stand up for yourself. These actions help blood pressure to stay balanced. If you have low blood pressure, Red Calcite, Ruby or Bloodstone helps to strengthen your system by encouraging confidence. I hope you can see that lack of confidence can contribute to both low or high blood pressure.


Kidney Crystal and Stone Suggestions


Kidney energy is one of the basic energies of your body. If you are succumbing to stress, that not only affects your blood pressure but your adrenal glands, which sit right on top of your kidneys. If your nerves are frayed and your blood pressure is either high or low, your kidney energy is affected.


Bloodstone is a good choice for kidney support. Yes, this was mentioned as a Solar Plexus support. Bloodstone is also a heart field support, so a very useful stone. Red Calcite and Black Tourmaline are also useful to support kidney energy. I hope you can see that you don’t need to carry around a pocket full of stones to help support your blood pressure. Just experiment with these suggestions, or other stones or crystals that you have found useful.


Nervous System Stone/Crystal Suggestions


A key for maintaining a healthy nervous system is balance. So, in general, any stone or crystal that you find calming and balancing will help to support your nervous system. Amethyst, Selenite and Black or Green Tourmaline are balancing energies.


Kyanites are mappers, so can be used in your field or carried in a pocket to help you assess situations as they arise. Kyanite energy is especially helpful as it can encourage you to pause for a few moments and consider your response in situations that previously were automatic triggers. Kyanite, and Selenite as well, can help you see other possibilities and encourage you to access different aspects of the Matrix than you have previously. This can mean that instead of refusing to even consider doing something you are afraid of, you could find ways to do it, or invent unique ways of dealing with the situation.


You might also find that different stones or crystals will be affective on different days. Choose the stones or crystals that resonate most strongly with you on any given day. You might find, for example, that Rose Quartz is helpful for awhile, then be moved to switch to carrying Black Tourmaline or Amethyst.


The most important aspect is to be aware of how you feel and how you are feeling in relation to life’s challenges.




  1. I am interested in Reiki and tuning fork therapy combined. I had many sessions when I lived in NM and it helped me so much. I am a Reiki Karuna level practitioner as well. Please let me know if you are still scheduling appointments or classes or if you intend to in the future.

    1. Author

      Hi Joan: I see this comment is a few years old! Though I realize you probably don’t need to hear from my any more, I will say, yes, I am scheduling appointments for integrated Sound Therapy/Crystal/Reiki. E-mail me at if you still are interested.

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