Five Reasons Why Sound Therapy Complements Reiki Therapy

Five Reasons Why Sound Therapy Complements Reiki Therapy by Kriss Erickson


Shortly after I became aware of Reiki energy and attunements, I was introduced to the twenty-two frequencies of the Acutonics® tuning fork system. I immediately saw the benefit in sending both etheric, unheard frequencies of Reiki and the visceral frequencies of the tuning forks that are both felt and heard.


The Acutonics tuning fork system uses acupuncture points as pathways to send the balancing frequencies of the sun, moon, planets and asteroids to specific areas of the body. Reiki also sends universal energy frequencies, though these frequencies are felt through intuition rather than being heard or viscerally felt.


Since both Reiki and Acutonics tuning forks are ways to channel universal energy into the body and etheric fields, using them in tandem makes sense.


  • The first reason why sound therapy complements Reiki therapy is that both systems channel energy. The science of acupuncture is thousands of years old, and is basically a system of channeling energy through pathways that exist in the body. Reiki is several frequencies of chi or lifeforce energy that help recipients reconnect with their innate ability to be in balance and health. Acutonics tuning forks are twenty-two universal frequencies that connect specifically and viscerally with the body and etheric fields to help recipients remember how to reclaim and maintain balance and health.
  • Reiki and Acutonics tuning forks help the recipient to feel stronger in themselves. This is due to creating a more direct connection with the lifeforce that flows in the body and fields, as well as a strengthening of the connection of universal lifeforce.
  • Reiki and tuning forks relax the system, encouraging a deeper sense of trust. Case studies have shown that relaxation encourages cells to repair themselves. People that are relaxed produce less stress responses, sleep better, deeper and longer and are more likely to respond consciously to life challenges rather than react out of stress, fear or panic.
  • Reiki and sound therapy help recipients to be more aware of the energy flow in their body and etheric fields. This in turn helps recipients to be aware of how and where they are able to take in necessary lifeforce energies and where they are not. A person with insomnia, for example, might not be taking in sleep. A person with asthma may not be taking in breath. Reiki and sound therapy encourages greater awareness of these patterns, which in turn encourages greater willingness and ability to take in necessary life energies.
  • Reiki and sound therapy treat lifeforce directly. This can enable the recipients to become aware of their vitality levels and where they need attention.


The key to health is awareness: consciousness that allows us to at once see areas needing attention and maintain our wellbeing so that we can create internal harmony and balance with the outer world.


As Dianne M. Connelly said in Traditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five Elements, “. . .the Life Force energizing us individually is the same Life Force uniting us, and that energy never dies.” (page 121)


This awareness puts our wellbeing where it belongs: in our own hands.