What is Ra-Sheeba Reiki?


Ra-Sheeba is the next level of energetic development following the Karuna Reiki® level of training.

Ra-Sheeba is all about movement of energy and the energy vortex that is created by balanced male and female energy. We always begin with “The Key”. We always call in Sheeba first, then Ra. We always end with “the Door” and “the Seal of Isis”.

All attunements begin with clearing, then we call in Sheeba, then Ra.

Ra-Sheeba is concerned with the flow of energy through the body, the interaction of dragon, Ra, Sheeba, Isis and other Egyptian elements, and prepares you for the totally etheric levels of Lightarian.

You can take Ra-Sheeba as soon after the Karuna Reiki level as you feel ready.

I am offering a 2-day Ra Sheeba Workshop on Saturday & Sunday, December 9 & 10, 9 AM – 4 PM each day.

In this 2-day class, you will learn:


  • Clearing & Preparing Room
  • Ra-Sheeba Level I Healing Practice session
  • Meaning of Ra-Sheeba Level I Healing Symbols
  • Ra-Sheeba Master Attnumenent #1
  • Meaning of Ra-Sheeba Master Symbols
  • Practice giving Ra-Sheeba Level I Attunement
  • Practice Biological System (these are the Master Symbols)
  • Learn “Extra” Symbols
  • Master Clearing Symbols
  • Master Attunement Symbols
  • Master Ra-Sheeba Attunement
  • Activating Divine Light
  • Walking in the New Energy of Ra-Sheeba
  • Dragon Voice

15)Dragon Dance


Cost: $250 per student


Ra-Sheeba manual and Certificate included


As always, healthy lunches and snacks are included. RSVP to attend. Check out my Facebook page for more information.