Using Reiki to Increase Patience by Kriss Erickson

Using Reiki to Increase Patienceby Kriss Erickson

As many of you know, I share a weekly Rune reading, using three Runes, each week. I also do a yearly energy summary using one Rune for each month, which also gives an overall sense of the energy for the year. So the energy that shows up in each month, whether or not the actual Rune shows up as a focal point for any month, is the energetic flavor of the year.

This year, the flavor is patience.  The energies this year will be less intense, but slower moving. If we use this to our advantage, we can dive deeper, begin and/or finish deeply creative projects, do deep inner work, stabilize our inner core and create calmer surroundings. If we become impatient with the process, we can create dis-harmonics such as accidents, mechanical breakdowns, unnecessary terminations of relationships and misunderstandings. The fact that the focus this year is on slower, calmer energies and on patience, especially in the face of frustration, doesn’t mean that the world scene will be calm or free of corruption. It means that there will be many stops along the way to encourage a more thoughtful approach to life in general, no matter what is going on around you.

There is also a big focus this year on spending time in nature, connecting to Gaia and being aware of our impact on the Earth. With these themes in mind, it can be helpful to focus on patience each day. 

Using Reiki to Focus on Patience

One way to focus on patience is to simply breathe in the energy of patience at the beginning of your personal Reiki meditation each day. To do this, simply call in the energy of patience. Sit with the energy for a few minutes, then release anything that is asking to be released when you are finished. Do this breath exercise three times, breathing in patience each time.

If you are attuned to Reiki II, use the Mental/Emotional Symbol as a focal point after the breath exercise. Draw it in your palms and in the air around you, activate it and ask it to teach you about balance, patience and peaceful harmony.  Stay with this for at least 30 minutes, longer if possible. 

As you contemplate the energies of peace, balance and harmony, you may feel the air around you clearing. Even if you hadn’t noticed any densities or stagnant taste in the air around you, you might notice a lighter, cleaner feel, smell and taste around you as you meditate. 

This is also a year when making time for meditation and quiet activities will be more important than the pushier, louder energies that could try to knock you off your calm center. Make your inner peace a priority and 2019 will flow well for you. Instead of becoming frustrated that things aren’t moving as well as you think they could, appreciate the depth and quality of the stillness of nature and the sweetness of the simple things in life.