Special 2019 Spring Equinox Meditation

2019 Spring Equinox Meditation by Kriss Erickson

As you probably know, an equinox occurs when sunlight and daylight  hours are equal. It is a tipping point—we are leaving the yin energy of winter behind and building the yang energies of summer.  At the equinox, the energies of yin and yang are equal.

So we can think of themes of balance, equality and temperance as we enter a more active part of the year. This year, for the first time since 2000, the full moon occurs within hours of the equinox. This accentuates the energy of release. Let go of anything that you don’t need. Since this full moon is also a supermoon, the last for this year, the energies will be more intense and insistent than they otherwise might be. 

Be aware of the intensities. Name them, observe them but don’t collapse into them. Letting go of expectations can be helpful. Also, trust the bigger energy threads of the universe. Contemplate how the aspects that are affecting your life are interacting with each other.  Since we are also in a Mercury Retrograde until March 28, the themes that could come up for you might be deep ones. Perhaps deeper than you have been able or willing to go in the past.  Once you have released all that you need to, consider: Where do you want to go from here?

As we begin our 2019 Spring Equinox Meditation, we’ll spend a few moments focusing on our breath. (Peace, calm, trust)

Now that we’re centered and grounded, picture yourself in a meadow on the last night of winter. It is a warm night and you are comfortably dressed. The sky is clear and a full moon is rising above the trees that ring the meadow. The energy of the moon is strong. You feel its waves washing over you. Perhaps you see images of things that have been weighing you down. 

We’ll spend a few moments in silence for you to get a sense of the energy of this place and allow the full moon energy to carry away anything you no longer need. 


Now, take a deep breath. Taste the energy of spring as it begins. Do you sense the last bits of winter’s watery yin energy? Do you sense the beginning of spring and summer’s warmer yang energy? As you continue to take deep breaths, feel your inner energies balancing as you take in equal amounts of yin and yang energy. 

We’ll spend a few moments in silence for you to savor the balance of energy of the spring equinox.


Now, move toward the trees. As you do, you see that the trees mark the edge of a forest.  A deer trail meanders through the forest. You decide to follow it. The trail leads you deeper and deeper into the forest. The air seems to close around you and the atmosphere feels heavy. A tendril of fear move through you. You stop and take a deep breath. Name the intensity of what you are feeling. See if you can sense what this discomfort is linked to. We’ll spend a few moments in silence for you to think through any intense energies you feel. As you acknowledge each one, let go of the intensity.  Feel it floating away from you effortlessly, being neutralized and becoming once again part of All That Is.


You decide to continue following the trail, trusting the gentle wisdom of the deer that you will be led exactly where you need to go. The path ends at a cavern. Long strands of moss hang over the entrance. A waft of cool air greets you as you lift the moss and look inside. Phosphorescent lichen grows on the walls of the cavern, revealing a twisted limestone tunnel that descends gently into the ground.

As you move into the tunnel, you feel as if you’ve entered another world. Just as you decide which direction to go, the tunnel twists in the opposite direction. The air feels thicker as you move deeper into the cavern. You can breathe but there is a tightness around you that suggests an urgency. 

Take a few moments to consider all the aspects of the tightness and urgency of the energy. Do you sense a theme that you have been working on? What do you need to learn in this moment?


You come to a wide space where there is a deep pool of water. Blind cave fish and other creatures move through the water. You sit on a flat rock beside the pool and catch your breath. As you do so, your mind continues traveling. Deeper and deeper it goes, to the roots of the issues that have been troubling you. We’ll spend a few moments for you to calmly assess these issues and release the aspects that are not serving your best interests. Also, release issues that you have thoroughly learned, since their lessons are a part of you now.


You rise and move to the other side of the cavern, wondering what you will experience next. To your surprise, after the first bend past the pool area, you come to a wide opening. There is no moss hanging over this area. You move through the opening and find yourself once more in the forest.  Several deer are feeding in a small grassy clearing a few yards away. The grass in the clearing is so vibrant that it seems to glow in the moonlight. The deer raise their heads and look at you without fear, chewing their grass. You wonder if the deer found such wonderful grass by braving the dark cavern as you did. Spend a few moments drinking in the calm, confident, nourishing energy of this space.


You see the deer trail leading into the forest in front of you. As you travel along it, you see that you have made a circle. Soon, you have returned to the meadow where you began. You are not as you were earlier this evening. You are refreshed, renewed and feel lighter. Now gently bring yourself back to the present. Know that you may come to this place any time you have need.