The Reiki Harmonic: A Simple, Powerful Energetic Tool

The Reiki Harmonic sends a focused beam of energy through several practitioners to a recipient

The Reiki Harmonic: A Simple, Powerful Energetic Tool by Kriss Erickson


Over the years, we’ve been blessed with many gifts from Reiki Source, including three energy portals in our yard. In the summer of 2012, at an outdoor Reiki share group that my husband, Michael, and I were hosting, we were given a special gift from the sentient Reiki Source.


How we structure our Reiki shares is that we first offer a short meditation to ground and center the group, then share group Reiki around massage tables. Four to six Reiki Practitioners share with the person on the table. Each person cooperates with the others. Since we are following sentient Source energy, there is no need for anyone to be “right” or “wrong” or “better” or “worse”.


One summer evening as Michael and I were sharing Reiki, we had been led to focus on the same spot for the person receiving. It was the Solar Plexus area, so we were floating our hands in the air above the recipient.


I felt led to ask Michael to sandwich his hands between mine. We alternated hands, so that neither his or my hands were together. We felt the energy focus and increase, as if a small, supportive energy portal was being created for the recipient.  I felt led to ask for others to add their hands, in the same way, so that on one had both of their own hands one above the other.


As others complied, the sense of the energy portal grew stronger.  The recipient expressed that she felt warmth and lots of love and support. As I tuned in to the energy, it reminded me of a choir.  Each of us was channeling Reiki from the Source, but also each of us was sending waves of support and love to the recipient. This is when I realized what we were sending was a Reiki Harmonic.


Just as in a choir, how the basses, tenors, sopranos and altos compliment each other, creating beautiful chords of music, so in the Reiki Harmonic, the individual waves of support from each person complimented the Reiki energy. Though of course we were not sending our own energy to the recipient, still the individual sense of each participant was evident in the flow of energy.


As I listened in, and encouraged others to do so, I felt the recipient’s body responding.  It would send up waves of Byoki,or unbalanced/stuck energy, which felt like pressure and/or coolness against our stacked hands.  Then we would feel a reciprocal wave of supportive, clearing energy come from Reiki Source.  The supportive wave usually felt warm.


We continued to feel this interplay of energy, the waves of Byokifrom the recipient growing less and less intense until at last all we felt was the flow from Reiki Source.  That was when we knew it was time to release the Reiki Harmonic.


Creating a Reiki Harmonic is very simple, yet profoundly helpful, so I began teaching it as a part of my Reiki I classes.


Though the Reiki Harmonic was given by the Reiki Source to Rising Spirals Reiki, and to me as a teacher, I feel that this tool is beneficial and so should be shared freely with the world. All I ask is that you please hold to these simple guidelines:


How to create a Reiki Harmonic:


  • Have at least three Reiki Practitioners sharing with a single recipient. With many energetic gifts, the energy comes through more strongly when three or more practitioners share energy. Open a Reiki channel as you always do, using the first and second Pillars of Reiki.
  • Take five or more minutes to send Reiki before using the Harmonic. This gives you and the recipient the opportunity to come to a natural consensus about an area where the Byokiis asking for a focused sense of support.
  • It does not matter whose hand is on the top, or whose hand is on the bottom. What does matter is that no one person’s hands be directly above each other. Intersperse the practitioner’s hands, alternating to be sure a different person’s hands are above each hand.  This shows cooperation and solidarity, that the main goal is to create a Reiki Harmonic.  The recipient’s energy will also respond strongly to the fact that others are in complete cooperation with the goal to share love and light with no sense of ego or competition.
  • Pay attention to the energy coming from the recipient’s field, and the responding energy from Source. You need to do nothing more than observe.  Your own energy is not needed to create or share a Reiki Harmonic.  The flavor of your being will mingle with the Reiki Source energy to give the sense of human support and care but your own energy is not a part of the Reiki Harmonic.
  • Feel the interplay of the energies, until the recipient’s energy has calmed and you feel all or mostly Reiki Source energy.
  • At that point, you can remove your hands.
  • Creating a Reiki Harmonic is not an endurance test. If you become tired from holding your hands over the recipient, you may pull out.  I usually send the Distant Symbol at that point, to keep the energy moving, and allow the Reiki Harmonic to be broken.


As with all things Reiki, your intent to simply support, assist and channel Reiki is your main concern.


I’m sure as time goes by, Reiki Source will provide many more gifts to all Reiki practitioners.