Using Reiki to Correct Polarity by Kriss Erickson

Polarity is the north-south tension between opposite poles. When your body is balanced, the polarity is equal and balanced, which encourages the energies to flow freely in your body, mind and energy fields.  Daily stresses, illnesses and environmental interferences such as microwaves or EMF waves can disrupt the natural, balanced polarity of your being. When this happens, energy gets stuck, meaning it is frozen or even reversed. Where it gets stuck depends on your constitution. Energy that remains stuck will eventually affect other areas.


Since energy flows between north and south poles, when energy has become stuck, there is no flow. This can be felt as pain, weakness, tension, anxiety or other physical symptoms. We can lose energy in our fields, chakras, meridians, organs and muscles.  When we walk on earth, our heads are magnetically north and our feet are magnetically south.  The earth is magnetically north, the sky, magnetically south. This creates a north-south tension, which is why “earthing” or walking barefoot, is so beneficial. And yes, this is one way to maintain proper tension in your polarity.


Reiki is one of the methods that can help to restore and maintain polarity in our beings.


Crystal Reiki


One way to correct polarity is to open a Reiki portal. Activate your hands and use a round selenite wand. Run the wand lightly over all areas of your body, front and back, and n your field. Selenite will correct the polarity and does not need to be cleared, as it is self-clearing.


Hands-On Method


The palm side of your hand is the magnetically south side. The back of your hand is the magnetically north side. Open a Reiki channels and activate any Reiki symbols that seem appropriate. The Mental/Emotional Symbol is a good choice since it balances yin and yang. Then, flip your hands from palm side to back side on an organ or painful place to correct lost polarity.


If you would like to correct polarity in your field, place your hands, palm-side down on your thigh muscles. Bring the back of your hands up to your collarbone, then down to your thighs again. Do this six times total, then switch. Place your hands palm-side up, bring them to your collarbone, then back to your thighs six times.


After you have completed your polarity balancing, use Kenyoku to clear the space.


You can correct and/or balance your polarity every day, and as needed during the day. As you work with your energy system, you will become aware more quickly when your polarity is becoming unbalanced.