Speaking Words of Life by Kriss Erickson

Reiki helps you connect with the Shadow Self

Often, while sharing an energy session, messages will come through specifically for the person receiving the energy. Though some of the messages are specific, most have to do with the energies the recipient has invited into her life.


When I receive messages, they come as impressions, ideas and frequencies—in other words, they come in code that I need to translate enough to help the person. These messages are meant to be Words of Life—guiding principles to help empower the recipient. How they are translated makes a huge impact on how easily they can be understood and used.


A Couple Examples


A common example is when an energy session is so helpful that the person asks if that means they can cease other modes of health care. While energy work strengthens the system, enabling more empowerment and resilience, it is not up to the practitioner to determine what kind of health care is necessary.


Remember:Energy work is complementary. It cooperates with any other therapies being received. As the system is gradually strengthened, the recipients other health care providers will notice and adjust or even terminate their therapies.


This means it is not in our scope of practice to answer the question of whether or not a recipient should seek or continue other health care. Speaking Words of Life in this situation would be something like this:


“I suggest you find a quiet space to meditate. Think carefully on this subject and follow the intuition at your core.”


Words of Life always leave the recipient in charge of their own lives. It might be tempting to speak with confidence about the energy sessions you provide, but that can come across as authoritative to the recipient. When that happens, they can remove themselves from the equation, putting more emphasis on you rather than on their own process.


Another example is when you have shared an energetic message and the recipient pumps you for more details. Many energetic messages are thematic, meaning they show a general theme and direction but the specifics are left up to the recipient to provide.


It can be tempting to probe deeper in an attempt to provide possibilities or come across as an ‘expert’ reader. Speaking Words of Life in these circumstances means remembering that each person must walk their own path. No matter how well you know a theme, if you attempt to provide too many details, you are taking the place of the person. Instead of them walking their path, discovering each element as needed, they look to your words to guide them.


Speaking Words of Life in these circumstances would be something like this:


“The Cosmos has shown you a pattern in your life. It is up to you to explore this pattern and trust that you will know what to do as things come up.”


You might also remind the recipient that energetic messages are meant to be dots on the map of life, showing possibilities of what can be as they move along their Life’s Path.


May 2021 lead you to a bright future along your path.