Anchoring In Beneficial Energies

Anchoring in Energies by Kriss Erickson


As Lightworkers, one of our tasks in each lifetime is to anchor in beneficial energies. Those energies can be any virtuous theme: love, compassion, generosity, benevolence, kindness, gratitude, and many more.


One way to determine which energy or energies you have been sent to anchor in is to look at repeating themes in your life. Sometimes the energies are straightforward, and other times, the energy is expressed through reversal.


For example, if you are often put into circumstances where you are asked to give when you have a little extra, an energy you anchor could be generosity. In reversal, if you are often put into circumstances where you feel you have barely enough (time, money, energy, etc.) but are still asked to give, an anchoring energy could still be generosity. The anchoring energies are expressed through abundance and our own growth is tested when they are asked to be expressed in times of lack.


In both cases, the essential aspect is that you resonate with the energy you anchor. In the example of generosity, whether you are able to give a lot or a little, or even if you must honestly state that you have nothing in that moment to give, the expression of generosity is the anchoring aspect. In the case where you might literally have nothing to give, you can still use your energy generously by sending the intent that the person finds what is needed.


Using Reiki to Determine the Energies You Anchor


Another way to determine the energies you anchor in, is to use Reiki. To do that, go to a quiet space. Ground and center yourself. Open a Reiki channel. Use any of the Reiki Symbols that feel appropriate, and open yourself to the feedback of the Cosmos.


Take your time. Write down what comes through.


Anchoring in energies also involves the ability to hold the space of the energy. If you anchor in patience, for example, you might find your own patience needs to be exercised regularly. This can be shown by everything from your relationship to yourself, others and in the smoothness, or choppiness, of the energies around ordinary daily tasks. In more longstanding situations, your ability to connect to, anchor in and then hold the energy of patience comes into play.


Sometimes it is relatively easy to connect to and anchor in the energy, but if the circumstances become more intense or if they last a considerable span of time, holding space for patience to exist can feel tedious. That signals a time to retreat, take time out for self-care, breathe, and then return to the space of holding patience. Remember that you are not the only one called to hold a particular energy. If you need to step out, others are still holding it. When you return to the task, the energy might have shifted. It is a lot like getting stuck on a puzzle, wanting to figure it all out at once, but instead, taking a break. Often when you come back, the solution is easier to find.


Whatever frequencies you anchor in, focus, consistency and self-care will help you hold space for them on Gaia.