The Benefits of Distant Sound Therapy Sessions by Kriss Erickson


One of the biggest challenges in the current pandemic has been keeping people safe while still being able to offer helpful energy sessions. A good way to safely offer sessions is to offer distant sessions.


Reiki level II brings up the idea of the “Distant Symbol.” This reminds us that the space we perceive between us is just that—a perception. Offering a Distant Energy Session is just as effective as being in the same room. With the ability to use Zoom, Facetime and other video conferencing tools, working via distance has never been easier.


What is a Distant Energy Session Like?

Your Distant Energy Session will begin with a few minutes of conversation. You wil have the opportunity to ask any questions and share any concerns and goals. You will most likely be seated for this portion, so we can see each other.


After that, make yourself comfortable, lying down, lounging or sitting in a comfortable position. I will place any crystals that your situation asks for, then begin with Reiki, using a few descriptive words to let you know where I am, or you can place your phone or tablet so that you can see me working while you relax. If any messages from your Guides or other Allies come through, I will bring these up in this section of the session.


Next, I will add tuning fork frequencies to address the issues that have come up. I will manly use the chimes, so you can hear the frequencies even though you will not physically have the forks on your body. I will talk as little or as much as you like in this section. For example, if you just want to hear the frequencies and not know what part of the body they are on, let me know and I will work silently. If knowing where the frequencies are going is helpful to you, I can do that as well.


I will use the Tibetan bowls, Tibetan bell, water stick and gongs as needed. You can choose to turn facedown when I indicate that we are shifting into that part of the session, or remain face-up.


Distant Energy Sessions cost the same as in-person sessions: $60 per hour. Sessions generally last one hour. I will send an invoice after the session, payable immediately, via PayPal.


Relax and enjoy your Distant Energy Session!