The Elegance of Invoking Energies Into Your Life



I’ve talked before about invoking and banishing. Invoking is bringing in or inviting in energy. Banishing is creating a boundary where certain energies are no longer welcome.

Because of its inviting energy, invoking is done in the morning. It is a beginning. Because of the boundaries created, banishing is done at night. Banishing is an ending.

Less is said about invoking than banishing so I want to talk a bit about what invoking is and some ideas of how to use it.

Because invoking invites energies into your space, it is essential that your being and environment be clear and ready to receive new energies. That is why it is recommended to do deep, ritual cleaning and clearing of your being and environment for at least 6 months before attempting to invoke any new energies.

Once you have cleared your space, you can invoke or banish as needed, providing you maintain your cleared spaces and create boundaries as needed.

What to Invoke?

Though often banishing involves specific circumstances, types of energy or people, invoking is a little more broad. In invoking is simply a specific, focused calling.

A simple invocation might be a blessing. You can look into the sky and call the energies of peace to flow through your day. You can expand that to include your neighborhood, city, country, friends and family.

A more elaborate invoking would be where first you call out to your Cosmic Allies. Bring to their attention a situation that needs positive energy like cooperation, gratitude, peace, love, etc. Invoke their presence in the situation and invoke each of the energies that you would like to see flow through the situation.

By invoking specific beneficial energies like joy, calmness, patience, peace, etc.. you are helping yourself and the situation in two ways.

1) You are calling in specific beneficial energies to assist all involved in the situation
2) Your requests are focused: you are not simply invoking random energies to help.

Though you can invoke the Psychic Police for an intense situation, that is not the same kind of invoking as I am talking about here. Invoking the Psychic Police brings immediate aid, whether that be creating a boundary to keep danger out or inviting in energy such as understanding to assist in handling a situation.

Invoking energy serves to strengthen your connection to your Cosmic Allies, and assures them that the first place you look for aid is to the bigger sense of Being. That energy opens a universal portal that allows specific, named energies to flow into the situation.

Hopefully this brief discussion on invoking will help you utilize this amazing tool more effectively.