Reiki Increases Awareness of Lifeforce Qi

One of the main themes of this year’s Beltane message, channeled from the Shining Ones, was that of creating pockets of Qi-rich energy. There are many ways to do this:





            Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing)


And many more practices.

Reiki is an excellent introduction to creating and maintaining lifeforce Qi, because as we practice Reiki, we become more aware of our own unique lifeforce. Yoga and Qigong focus on breath and movement. Being aware of lifeforce Qi as we practice specific movements helps us become aware of the flow of lifeforce around us. Meditation and Shinrin Yoku encourage us to become more aware of the lifeforce Qi flowing around us, as well as sharing our lifeforce with nature. Ritual sets aside sacred spaces where we invite lifeforce Qi to flow.

Qigong combines all of the aspects of lifeforce Qui awareness: movement, breath, focus, interaction and intention. This ancient practice helps the body/mind/spirit to flow with abundant Qi. It takes time, practice and diligence to master, but if you have worked with Reiki energies, you already have an excellent tool to help you become more proficient.

How Does Reiki Help in Qi-enhancing Practices?

One of the first things that is taught in Reiki is to become aware of your own energy fields. One way to do that is to hold you hands at waist level, palms open and facing each other, and feel the warmth circulating around and through them. This is your Qi.

So, before beginning a meditation, yoga, ritual or Qigong session, open a Reiki channel. Feel the lifeforce Qi flowing.

Next, move your hands, letting them rise above your head, while inhaling, remaining aware of the sense of Qi. As you move your hands, keep them in the energy flow of the lifeforce. Don’t go faster or slower than the lifeforce moves. One your hands have reached as far as you can above your head, exhale and let them float downward.

I have heard it said that proper movement in Qigong means using the small muscles rather than the big ones. I have also heard it said that Qigong movements are like moving through syrup, honey or something soft. All of these examples are meant to help you make the movements slow, graceful and soft.

What has made the most sense to me, though, is to remember that each movement has to do with lifeforce Qi.

As you exhale, you are releasing energy that has become stuck or stagnant. As you inhale, you are bringing in fresh lifeforce Qi energy.

So, as you move, let the lifeforce Qi lift your hands. When you are ready to let your hand float down, let them rest on the Qi and float gently downward. Every time you move your hands or body, follow the Qi energy. As your hands rise, usually you are inhaling. Picture your being filling with lifeforce. As you turn your hands over, you are literally scooping lifeforce to you. As you exhale, you are releasing. Picture any stuck energies freeing and any unneeded energies flowing in the ground like fertilizer.

Posture is also important, in Qigong and yoga as well. Being aware of lifeforce Qi flow helps with that as well. As you take your stance, take a deep breath and feel your lifeforce energy flow. Notice any spots where the energy slows or sticks. Make small adjustments until you can feel the energy flowing freely. Then, add your movements, allowing lifeforce Qi to direct you.

I am learning several Qigong routines, so use lists to do the exercises. Because I look down to remind myself what the next exercise is, I have a tendency to continue on with my neck and chin tilted too far down. As I begin the exercise, I immediately feel that the energy is not flowing properly. I check my stance and correct my neck position until I feel the energy flowing freely.

Lifeforce Qi Exercises Raise Awareness

A goal of practicing Reiki, yoga, meditation, Qigong and ritual is to live each moment of the day in a relaxed, free-flowing, gently aware state, where your being is nourished by Qi and your mind is calm. As you practice, you become more and more aware of lifeforce Qi. It is like walking through your day in a bubble of abundant Qi energy.

If challenges arise, your increased mindfulness can help you remember that returning to the calm space is only a breath away. Just as all lifeforce-centered exercises ask you to be mindful of your breath, if the calm around you is challenged, simply place your weight evenly on your feet, center and relax your body, and take a deep breath.

Allowing yourself to be pulled forward too quickly or hang back too much impedes the flow of Qi around and through you. Let the lifeforce energy be your guide. Flow with it. Let your energy float on the Qi, like a cork in the water.

As you practice moving with the flow of lifeforce Qi energy, you will move and stand differently. A good measure of your progress is if others notice something different. Even if they don’t know what it is, you will know that your practice is paying off. The pull to identify with others can be strong, though. You may find yourself fluctuating in and out of the guidance of the lifeforce Qi flow. When you notice, as in the example above, take a deep breath, reground and center yourself, and once again become aware of the flow of Qi.

Practicing awareness of and flowing with the energy of Qi will not make you a Qigong or yoga master overnight, but it will help you to become more and more aware of yourself and the energies you allow to flow around you.