A Treatise of the Energies Connected to the White Council/Council of Light—Galactic Federation of Light: The Silver Gate

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A Treatise of the Energies Connected to the White Council/Council of Light—Galactic Federation of Light: The Silver Gate

Orion has become an area of the galaxy where diverse cultures and being coexist in harmony. This alliance is called the Galactic Federation of light. A connection point for this group is the Silver Gate.

The information here is intended to help make connections  to call in the Light, also reveal previously “secret” identities of the Forces of Light.

The energy of the White Council is tied to:

The Mystic (Southern sky/emissary of the Orion White Council of Light),



The Summer Triangle (Northern Sky)

The Energy Gates, especially the Summer Gates


The Z

The Fae

The Galactic Commands

The White Dragons

Great White Brotherhood


Haumea (Northeast)


The White Stone

The Golden Triangle

These cooperative energies combine to form a band of muti-layered light energy that we can call in to heal our beings, connect with Galactic Allies, create and remain in balance. They give us a “13th Gate” or “13th Spiral” to find solutions where this world cannot help us.

When we ask for connection or wisdom from any of these Allies, they will usually send it in the form of insight or a virtue. If, for example, they send insight, you will have to take some time to unpack the themes, learn what you can and implement the information in a constructive way. If they send a virtue, it will be a smidgeon of the Galactic sense of the virtue. For example, if they send benevolence, you will be given time and opportunities to implement that virtue in your daily life. If you do well with that, you will be given more. If you struggle with the virtue or misuse it, they will withdraw and wait for you to correct your errors before offering more of any kind of information.

You can expect to sense a connection, then a confirmation of being heard, via information, insight or serendipitous events. It is up to you at that point, how you use the information. If you use it for good, you will be entrusted with more. If you underuse it, you will not receive more. If you abuse it, you will not even remember how you came by the information, as the Allies will withdraw their presence for a time. They will try again, though. They won’t give up on you.

Orion: The Silver Gate (Southern Sky)

Located at the intersection between Taurus and Gemini, where Orion is located. It is sometimes called the Gate of Man and is one of the two main Gateways where energies enter our world. The other Gate, the Golden Gate, lies in the intersection between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Since the Golden Gate sits at the center of the galaxy, it is considered the Gate of the Gods. The Silver Gate is opposite of this, so is called the Gate of Man.

These Gates represent Guardian energies of the Galaxy. This is a triumph of the Universal Laws of Peace: as eons ago, Orion was at war with the Lyrans in an attempt to take over parts of the galaxy through political, religious and healthcare energies. They have learned the ways of Peace well enough that they have become one of the most diverse areas of the multiverse.

Silver Gate has Orion as its Sentinal Guardian. The tie-in to the Mystic is that at Winter Solstice, on December 22, the Sun exactly intersects this Gate. In the constellation of Orion, the extended arm points to this Gate, marking it as a light-bearer. When the sun intersects this Gate, Orion is holding a torch in his hand.

This energy represents the overcoming of obstacles, safe passage from one Gate or aspect of being to another, and the triumph over challenges and obstacles.

Orion is a constellation in the southern sky. Many starseeds have come through its Silver Gate. Intellect, religion, culture and science are strong aspects.

The kind of resistance can be seen in the Orion Black League: A resistance group during the Orion wars. The Orion Wars were between the Orion Empire and the Armies of Light. The Black League was a group of rebels between the two sides, to counter the Orion Empire, which was attempting to dominate the entire region physically and spiritually.

The Armies of Light eventually won out but aspects of the Black League, especially in politics, science and religion, are still playing out on Earth and other planets. The Orion Federation is often shortened to Federation. The Orion Federation is one of the groups that invites and accepts other races into the Federation of cooperative planets. It is very diverse and has protected beings who lost their worlds, like the Dracos and others.


Skill, strength, successful, cooperative integration.

Call in Orion energies, connect to them, ask what you can learn. Ask for allies and connections there.

10199 Chariklo:

Orbits between Saturn and Uranus

2 billion miles from Earth

Discovered in 1997. Presence of 2 rings made of ice confirmed in 2022

Icy asteroid, also known as a minor planet

Smallest known planetary body to have rings

146 miles in diameter, half as big as the Grand Canyon

It is a Centaur: an asteroid that orbits the sun from way out beyond Jupiter and Neptune.

It is the biggest centaur found so far

First ring is 4 miles wide

Second ring is 2 miles wide

As a centaur energy, we can ask it for healing and teaching frequencies.

Esha (Essential Lifeforce energy)

Esha is a word that can mean “alive” or “full of life”. This is our essential lifeforce energy, the unique energy that makes us who we are.

Many of us have had this energy damaged early in life, driving it deep inside where it feels safer. For some, this can feel like a “bomb shelter” where we know we must use all available energies to protect the area, but often we have forgotten what is in the shelter. This is especially true if the damage that drives our Esha into hiding happens early in life.

If our Esha is damaged, the Vagus nerve is also damaged, leaving us with a shaky core to work from. It can seem as if no amount of effort on our part allows us to hold things together.

Living daily life without a strong flow of Esha means using other energies. like anxiety, anger, frustration or fear to drive us forward instead of relying on the bountiful lifeforce energy flow we bring with us into each incarnation.

There are many ways to heal and reconnect with this essential energy. Meditation, Reiki, crystal work, drumming, acupuncture, tuning fork and sound work, deep breathing, spending time in nature, singing, to name a few.

The core aspect of healing this energy is to:

1) Create and maintain a calm, safe space
2) Practice any of the items listed above
and, most importantly:

3) Place your hands over your heart
4) Call Esha back to you. Name it. Tell it all you have done to create a space where it can flow through your life in peace and safety.

5) Feel the essential energy flowing throughout your being and energy fields.

The benefits of calling back your Esha energy:

A deeper sense of inner quiet and peace.
A stronger sense of confidence, as you feel you have an inner foundation rather than the sense of a shaky center.
Improved vitality as energies used to protect the encapsulated Esha are redistributed.
Improved health, as anxiety levels relax and energies become available for daily tasks and challenges.

Calling in Esha energy is similar to doing Qigong, where lifeforce energy is called directly and invited into your innermost being. Call it in through meditation, song, Qigong, walking meditation or other quiet states of being.

The Summer Triangle: (Northern Sky)

The Summer Triangle is three stars: Northern Hemisphere asterism: Stars of similar brightness, recognized in a distinct shape.

The three stars are: Deneb, Vega and Altair

Deneb: 1,400 light years away from Earth. Farthest away from earth and brightest star in the constellation Cygnus, forming the tail of the swan.

Deneb is also the head of another asterism called the Northern Cross, contained in Cygnus.

Vega: 20 light years away from Earth. The brightest star in the constellation Lyra, the Harp. One of the brightest stars in the night sky.

Altair: 20 light years away from Earth. Brightest star in the constellation Aquilla, The Eagle. Altair is one of the brightest close stars to Earth.

Note the energies of each star:

Deneb: the energy of the swan: Honor, integrity, conveyance of the Fae

Vega: energy of the Harp: Music of the Spheres

Altair: energy of the Eagle: Freedom, stamina, leadership, honesty, loyalty

These energies are called in when you invoke the energy of the Summer Triangle.

Another energetic tie-in is The Sword (monad) driven into The Elements (fire, water, metal, wood and earth), symbolizing victory of the energetic over the material.  A monad connects all aspects and/or fragments of being into an understandable flow of energy, and helps us call in scattered energies to consolidate the being.

Though this monad hangs above us always in the night sky, to receive the most benefit from it, we must deliberately choose to work with it. If we do, we are rewarded with deeper connections and understanding, of our present life, our past lives and how the multiverse works.

We are given the physical aspects of life to work with and master. Whatever we experience in each lifetime, the energetic always triumphs, since we leave our physical bodies and the physical world behind at each lifetime’s end to return to an energetic state in the multiverse.

The Summer Triangle also symbolizes a path toward enlightenment. Each life teaches us more about the essence of life itself. All of our experiences move us toward a more balanced state of being.

Its energy also reminds us of and connects us more directly to our Galactic Allies. Whether you choose to see that as Source, Galactic Alliance, Federation, Councils, or a combination of these, the sword hangs above us in the night sky, urging us to call in our scattered energies, combine the elemental energies we are given to work with on Earth, and learn how to have them flow in harmony in our lives.

Call in aspects of any or all of the stars, of connection, of the cooperative flow of the elements and of the Galactic Gates when calling in the Summer Triangle.

Energy Gates, Especially the Summer Gates

An energetic Gate can be anything from an equinox, solstice, star formation, numeric (8/8, 2/2, etc.), or Galactic Event like the Day Out of Time and Galactic New Year. Each of these Gates has its own sense of energy. Connecting with the Gates can provide a sense of connection, grounding and healing that opens deep lines of communication.

The Summer Gates are especially intense, partly due to the number of them:

Summer Triangle (June)

Summer Solstice (June)

Sirius Alignment (July)

Day Out of Time (July)

Galactic New Year (July)

Lion’s Gate (August)

The above are the main summer Gates. I’ve discussed the energy of the Summer Triangle earlier in this document, as it opens a star path for the rest of the summer Gates. The energies of each of these gates are unique, but one builds on the rest. Respect, honor and commemoration/participation in the energies of these Gates strengthens your being, deepens and strengthens your connection to Galactic Allies and prepares you for the gradual receding of the light as we move toward autumn and winter.

Zerumi (Far North): The “Z”—The Shining Ones

Zerumi are beings of the elusive “Z” race, emmisaries of this race who choose to connect with humanity. The task of this collective of cooperative beings is to provide connections.

The helpful mystics, masters, allies and other connections give us bits of information that are just enough for us to work with. Like a puzzle, as we put together more and more pieces, we need a consolidating ally.

The “Z” come from several galaxies away, feels like 7 galaxies away, and in the far north, though they move easily between dimensions, so provide the reference of “north” as a general guide for humans, rather than being bound to that area.

They are beyond the Orion Federation, the Alliances and oversee the White Councils of the multiverse. They are said to be “One time removed from the Source”, meaning, as close to Source as possible while retaining individuality.

They are of the highest integrity, powerful in a gentle, pervasive way. They can focus their energies to the point where matter is created or erased, or soften them to gently spread lifeforce over a wide area.

They are often seen as tall white pillars, the essence seen in the center of starseeds, also represented on Earth by white selenite. Total alignment, straightforward energy, no guile, highest integrity, the holder of the Laws of Light. They remind starseeds of past and future lives, and how these intersect with the present life, bringing up issues that need attention or healing.

They offer kind, consistent, gentle guidance and stand as guardians where the Golden Pyramids and the Silver Gates have been erected and maintained.

As emmisaries, Zerumi guides you through the energies of this life to determine which issues need attention and to prioritize your work projects on Earth. Often these will not be what most people are doing and won’t make sense to others. Zerumi can be very personal guides and do not like attention being brought to them, though as sentinals, others might notice or feel their presence.

Some say the “Z” are birdlike, but to most, they appear as very tall, glowing white towers of light, with the hint of a head, torso, arms and legs.

The Fae


The Fae, like Zerumi, are beings of the “Z”, sometimes called Shining Ones. As such, they, too, are as close to Source as possible without losing individuality. They are entrusted with one of the most important tasks in the multiverse: setting the Cardinal directions, ley lines and creating space for mortality to exist.

They also create planets by shifting elements so that solid masses are formed. They are also able, as a group, to move planets, groups of planets and even star systems, whenever necessary.

Members of the Greater Fae remain etheric, traveling all dimensions, galaxies and universes at will and as needed. Their energy is directly, consciously limitless and always available to them. Unlike some other Races, the Shining Ones are beyond corruption. They have learned to keep their energy clear and clean and they act with detachment and adherence to InterGalactic Law where necessary to correct imbalances.

They do not get angry, impatient, judgmental or any of the energies that can be destructive. They also are not overly sympathetic, meaning they will do what is best for the overall system, over the preferences of any individuals that are affected.

The Lesser Fae have chosen to interact in etheric form on the planets. They allow their presence to be felt but usually do not interact directly with the peoples of the world. They adhere to the “non-interference” Intergalactic Law. They send love to the creation but don’t interfere with processes like clearcutting, etc. that change the character of the land.

They are aware of and in direct contact with the five elements and convey to the Greater Fae via telepathy the state of the elements.

We can connect with the Greater and Lesser Fae by quieting our minds and asking for their guidance. We can also connect with them by caring for creation, the flora and fauna, and by communicating with and protecting the energies of the elements.

The Galactic Commands

The Galactic Commands serve to protect and maintain the balance and health of large areas in the Galaxies and multiverse. Though they can travel easily through Gates and between dimensions, they work in groups in specific sectors.

The Command in the Milky Way Galaxy is called the Ashtar Command, led by Ashtar or a being in his name/position. Members of the Ashtar and other Commands very seldom incarnate but they can if need be. They can also send part of their energy to work in cooperation with a native, to have a more direct view of what is needed and how the energies are working, or not, on a particular world.

Those on Earth or other planets who have a connection to a Command will probably sense this. The Command may contact them, or other bits of information will remind them of the connection.

The Ashtar and other Commands have several branches: Administrative, Healing, Technicians, Protection/Guardianship, Counseling.

To connect with them, ask for a specific Command and a specific branch. If you don’t know the Command or branch, clear your space and ask for help in general.

The White Dragons

The White Dragons are the highest order of the Dragon Race. They have worked for millennia to correct the destructive tendencies of some of the draconian race. Beneath them are the Warrior Caste, Reptilian, Worker Caste, Reptilian/Human Hybrids, and reptiles on Earth and reptilian creatures on other planets.

All but the White Dragons sided with Orion during the Orion wars, wanting as the Orions at that time did, to gain dominance over the galaxy and, ultimately, the universe, through government, religion and physical/emotional and energetic wellbeing.

The White Dragons are said to be “2 from the Source”, so a step farther away from the Source than the Shining Ones. Their energies tend to be mostly stable but they are still working on some aspects. There is still a tendency to want to physically intervene to help in situations where the best option is to step back and allow natural processes to play out. Their energies are large when in an incarnated body so there are times when they inadvertently damage animals or plants without meaning to. So, discretion is part of their lesson when incarnated. They incarnate more often than the members of the Commands or the Shining Ones, but not as often as others.

Their strengths: They are honest to a fault, would not think to lie, steal, cheat or deliberately harm anyone or anything. As soon as they are aware that they have inadvertently caused harm or made aware of a particular rule on a particular planet, they are scrupulous in changing their behavior and refocusing their energy. They have a very broad view and most live in Dragon form on one of the Orion worlds. They are shapeshifters, so when incarnating, they don’t truly take on a human or other form. They simply shift form and dimension, creating a body that will suit the situation.

Their energy is different enough from other natural beings that they are often rejected, for reasons even those rejecting them don’t understand, and they find it very difficult to find a place in the world. Even friends they have had for decades can suddenly decide they no longer want contact. This is difficult for incarnated dragons, since they thrive on mutual relationships, harmony, and love to share wisdom, ideas, music, art and other creative works.

To contact the White Dragons, clear space as you would for any other connection, and call out to them. One will show up. Perhaps they will ask to touch your 3rd Eye to theirs, to exchange information. A White Dragon will never take anything, even information, without offering an equal trade.

Great White Brotherhood

Helpful beings of pure integrity, faithful friends and companions, protective warriors when necessary. Their energy is white with gold flecks, and is reflected in the Golden Triangle energy that will be mentioned toward the end of this writing.

It is purifying, increases intellect, intuition and stamina, and helps to create and maintain boundaries. It is also a connection for us of the greater themes not only of our world, but the state of the multiverse as energies we are working through here are also being expressed elsewhere.

Energetic DNA from the Great White Brotherhood was sent to Earth for seeding to create physical beings. The Great White Brotherhood appear as what we call animals. Etherically, they can appear as lions, some forms of dragons, bears, eagles, wolves: basically any animals we know.

Physically, they appear as our companions, dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish. They willingly share their lives with us and are dependent for their whole lives on us. The physical aspects of the Great White Brotherhood have a small bit of the etheric energy of the Brotherhood. That energy goes back to its source in the Brotherhood at the end of their short, physical lives.


Like the Shining Ones, unicorns are One from the Source. Their energy is blazingly pure, incapable of corruption, faithful to Universal Law and powerful enough to work directly with plasma energy to create stars.

As they work with the Greater Fae and Shining Ones to assist planets, they are connected to the elements of that planet. Though they can work with all elements equally and simultaneously, there are unicorns that work with each element. Some squadrons work with water, others with wood, fire, earth or metal. They are able to work with the Gala tic grid, adding vitality to the elements as necessary.

Their horns are an energetic focal point, their Gate is in the constellation Monoceros, in the far northern sky, at the celestial equator. Sometimes called the Unicorn Gate. They work with an absolutely calm focus. Nothing can fool them or dissuade them from their task of maintaining balance on a universal level.

Legends about unicorns have been told for millennia on Earth. They want us to know they are there, yet, like the Fae, they are elusive. It is not possible to connect directly with them. An oblique, respectful connection is possible, but they choose whether to answer any requests to connect.

They can work in groups, using the energies of their horns and beings to connect, even create, new constellations. This work is not done lightly. As we know, the constellations we are familiar with affect our lives on Earth, as they do in other star systems as well. Like the “Z” or Shining Ones, they only undertake this work when necessary to the overall system.

They send constant pulses of energy that is penetrating, gently and insistently supportive. If we pick up on these energy pulses, we can meditate on their overall and personal meanings, and benefit from their wisdom. They, like the Great White Brotherhood, who work directly under the unicorns, give us a tangible connection to the galaxies.

Haumea (Northeast)

Located in the Kuiper Belt, in the constellation of Bootes, in the   sky. The Kuiper Belt is a donut-shaped region of icy bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune. It shares the Kuiper Belt with Eris, Pluto and MakeMake. It is about the same size as Pluto.

Haumea was named after the Hawaiian goddess of fertility. Its radius is 385, about 1/14th the size of Earth.

It takes Haumea 285 Earth years to orbit the sun. It takes sunlight 6 hours to travel to Haumea. It completes one rotation every 4 hours, making it one of the fastest rotating objects in the solar system.

Like Chariklo, Haumea has rings.

It sends waves of energy of the love of the natural world and the fecundity of natural process, a possible tie-in to Hyperboreans. It is equally connected to nature and to Source.

It assists us in connecting equally to our present physical life and to our Galactic Allies, connections and origins.

Hyperboreans (Beyond the North Wind)


Hyperboreans were starseeds who seeded life on Earth. Beings who appeared in physical form on Earth as Hyperboreans still exist in the multiverse, but their true forms are of many races. While incarnated, they lived in the far north on Earth, while enjoying warm, tropical-like temperatures, flora and fauna. They created many plants with specialized uses, for food, shelter and clothing, with minimal impact to the Earth. They were not a single race but all agreed on focus, energy, integrity and how to exist in many different forms and planets in cooperation and harmony. They are and were refugees of the Lyran/Orion Wars, many still living on an Orion world, some even in charge of the wellbeing of a world in the Orion sector.

They can be members of alliances, commands, federations and other peaceful groups. They can be of any known or unknown (to humans) peaceful race.

There is no planet Hyperborea, but Hyperboreans were noted for their ability to observe events on Earth in a peaceful, detached way while maintaining balance in their partly-incarnated beings. They had bodies but not as solid as 3-D, not as etheric as 5-D.

They were peaceful, so when Draconians, Annunaki and others brought disruption to Earth, they faded away. Like the wind, and the “Z”, they are elusive. Haumea was a Gate for them to cross through dimensions, though it is not listed as such.

Calling in the energies of the Hyperboreans is to deepen your connection to the Earth, its creatures, plants and weather patterns, and speak for those to help bring in and maintain balance. By speaking for the lifeforms on Earth, you also speak for your own balance.

Singing was a major form of communication for Hyperboreans. So chanting, singing or humming while connecting to this energy strengthens the connection.

The White Stone

The White Stone is a Shamanic reference to the Light Orders of the Magi: White Wizards who practice elemental magic. It can be represented by a white amulet, or a plain white rock of any kind. It represents illumination, protection and is a physical manifestation of the mark of the White Council.

The light associated with the White Stone is a penetrating light that banishes darkness and keeps terror away. It is connected to the protective energy of the “Z”. Consecrating any white stone to this purpose imbues it with a constant inner luminescence. It is geared more toward accessing the energetic by use of intelligence and honoring sentient life., over the needs of the physical body.

Its main focus is attaining and maintaining peace cooperation and non-violence.

A way of showing you recognize others of the White Council is to give them a consecrated White Stone as a gift, with no explanation. It is a connecting device that reminds us of our origins and focus. It also reminds us that our Galactic Allies are there for us and are strong enough to see us through each lifetime. If we listen carefully to their advice, we will be victorious in all challenges of each lifetime.

It is said to give the bearer a new name. I think it reminds us of our True Name, the one we have carried throughout lifetimes that embodies our essence. The White Stone also embodies a deep love of the Light. As such, is is also a symbol for the Council of Light.

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a system of energy channeling received in 1998 by James Purner. Though, as the founder of this information, he has set his intention that this energy should be given freely, without any fee, many websites now charge for the attunement based on this information.

The Golden Triangle is an often misunderstood and underused system of Reiki or lifeforce energy. The pyramid focus helps the energy of this system and any system it is combined with, to intensify and clear difficult issues. It does this by gently dissolving stagnant energies, whether they are sudden and acute or chronic.

It is also an energy of protection, sanctification in the Light, and focus. It is the Breath of Lifeforce, that attunes all Chakras to connect more directly to Source or Ultimate Lifeforce, in cooperation with but above and beyond the limitations of, the lesser lifeforce energy available on Earth. It is also energy that can provide sudden, specific insight that allows you to make the exact right move or shift, with alacrity, at precise, pivotal moments in your life.

The Golden Triangle energy is extremely focused and powerful, useful for clearing stubborn, chronic or acute issues, whether they be physical, emotional or energetic.

Once the attunement is given, it can be used to increase conscious awareness of Universal beingness, Laws of Light, alignment, balance and Galactic Integrity.

It can be used to stimulate and focus the energy of the Third Eye Chakra.

It can be used to create a Golden Column to clear areas of concern, whether they be physical, emotional or energetic.

It can be used as a focal point to invite Galactic Allies to connect and share wisdom.

Toning is a strong way to invoke and activate the Golden Triangle energy.

Though the energy is Golden, to connect with the lifeforce of Earth, the Source of the energy is a combination of the Silver and Gold Gates.

This connects north and south, creating a circle.