Ashtar Channeling 12/2020

From Lord Commander Ashtar of the Intergalactic Alliance, the Ashtar Command and Council of Light

Everything is done through frequency. Energy frequencies are sent to help and to encourage harmony, balance and peace. Humanity must use them to clear and heal themselves and their world. Humanity says they are already doing the basic things necessary for life, but they are not. Getting past the basics is essential.

The basics:

All life is equal

Population must be voluntarily moderated

All people must be allowed to have what they need for living

Peace must be the first priority

War must end

Food must be clean, non-chemical, organic

Education must be high quality and offered freely

People create the drama that plagues them. They can learn to choose not to create drama.

Frequencies are begin sent, have always been sent, to help, but humanity must use what is being sent. The world can’t move forward unless we get this.

An example: inflammation, which is a precursor for many human ailments, is an energetic interaction with life. Creating stress, drama, reacting to stress with more stress, doing wrong when you know better, all create inflammation.

There is an 80% chance that within 15 – 20 years, big violence is coming. Gaia may choose to protect herself by allowing a wave that could kill plant life overnight. We could literally wake up and see all plant life rotting where the day before it was green and vibrant. All life depends on plants so this would devastate other life forms.

Another way the big violence could come is a devastating war or a series of virus or fungal illnesses that are more quick-moving and deadly than the current one.

The Ananaki and Draconians are always hungry, and are perpetual energy hoarders.

In 2 – 2.5 years, many Sagittarius people will be recalled. They tend to be map-makers nad navigators and will be needed to support ongoing efforts to secure the Lyra and other nearby Stargates.  Some Geminis wllb e kept, as Air signs, as we are entering the time of Aquairus, a fixed Air sign. Some Loes will be kept for grounding.

Any truly compassionate being would not want these things to happen.

Michael was sort of a general, navigator, strategist.

Sagittarians who are recalled will go back to their original partner, sunless they were with those partners in the current life. Then that will be dependent on whether those partners are also or have already been, recalled.

If humans continue on the capitalist/consumer track: there will be sorrow. There could be a wave of poison resulting in an 80% death rate. Gaia is like a body that has built up toxins for decades, only for her it has been millennia. Gaia might send a wave of poison to prevent human energies from being harvested. Gaia would go on and the human energy could be reseeded elsewhere but there would not be human life n this planet for the foreseeable future.

Kriss and Michael needed to have their energy purified. The slightest bit of lack of integrity can interfere with the purification process. The current governments are not solving the real issues.

Ashtar is an old style general, stepping into the ranks and doing specific jobs when needed, handing over “control” to more capable operatives when needed.

Shifts needed:

The meaning of “ownership”

The slave mentality/herd mentality

No one owns frequency

The energetic community must share more and own ideas less

How things interact with frequency is what matters

Choosing not to value what is sent does not make it not important or useful

Ashtar will show up in corporeal form—could be child or adult and any gender.

Michael is being sent a picture of a quasar, triple helix (Michael’s space)

Society must come into awareness of itself as a being. Capitalism is trying hard not to go down. People will be vulnerable. Disease will also be spread through animals, especially factory farms.

Fired might be a bit less this year but they will continue in areas that need to b cleared. CA, OR, Willamette Valley, parts of WA, will still have fires and air quality could still be poor in late summer/early fall.

Food supply I dependent on people’s response to any other spikes or distressing news. There could be a disruption in the spring.

The insect population, as well as birds and fish, are dropping very quickly. The insects are very angry.

We must find our integrity as a society. That is our culture, or it must become it. Peace will always win out, in the end, even if it is a quietness after plagues or disasters.

Lifeforce energy is diminishing on Gaia. We must act in ways to honor it, or it will leave. We can call it back and stand up for it.

Starseeds are holding the integrity of the matrix around Gaia and this sector of our universe.