Channeling 12/19/2020 from Commander Ashtar



Channeling 12/19/2020 from Commander Ashtar

I am Lord Commandeer Ashtar of the Intergalactic Command. We are currently in your sector to warn you of upcoming events that will affect all on Earth. Inasmuch as humanity has refused to learn to live in cooperative harmony, and has refused to create and maintain a sustainable population level, food and water sources, your world is in dire distress.

You have been given many chances to correct these issues. Even this current challenge of global pandemic and the challenges it presents has brought not enough change. Yes, we see that there is some effort to work with the main energetic lessons of this time:

Respect: We see that some individuals are showing holistic respect for all life. One of the biggest lessons of this time is: Will you show simple respect for others? Whether or not you believe the current challenge is real, will you give others basic respect and use protection where appropriate? We also see that many have chosen to disregard the lesson altogether, and declare that the pandemic is not real at all.

Cooperation: We see some groups working in cooperative ways that benefit all. We also see many giving in to fear, believing that working for mutual benefit somehow weakens them.

Patience: We see some who are learning to be more patient with themselves. They are looking deeper into their own energies, motives and desires, in order to integrate patience into all aspects of their daily lives. We also see those who are allowing fear or panic to push them ever faster. Or, who see this time that encourages slower motion as coercion. We reassure you: even if human governments or rule-makers have ulterior motives, they are merely responding, albeit incorrectly, to the bigger energy themes. If you exercise patience, you will not be a “sheep” or be fooled by what others say is happening.

Meditation: This time has been called the Great Pause, and at this point, the Great Calm. The word “great” has come to mean someone who is mighty, bigger in power or coercive energy, than others.  That is not our meaning, nor is it the original meaning of this world. What “great” means is something very large energetically, significant. When a person is called “great” it means someone who holds a high standard of integrity, honor, honesty and other virtues. Calling these times ‘great” means you are being given the opportunity to become a calmer, clearer, stronger, more virtuous version of yourself.  If you take the time to create and maintain quality meditation and calm spaces, you will improve your quality of life. You will receive true messages, and know when your human energies are leading you away from truth.

Gratitude:  If you use this time to deepen your quality of relationship to yourself, your fellow humans, your fellow creatures and to Gaia, in short, to the welfare of all, you will emanate purer waves of gratitude. These send a clear signal to all beneficial Galactics in your sector and aid us in sending beneficial frequencies. If you see these frequencies as the helps that they are meant to be, you will more readily be able to use them to benefit yourself and your world.

Benevolence: If you show respect, employ harmonious cooperation, utilize patience, employ the wondrous tool of the Great Calm and emanate gratitude, this will lead to the benevolent energy that can bring about the changes necessary to transform your world from the overpopulated, polluted place that it is into what it was intended to be: the Jewel of this sector of the multiverse.

These frequencies, when played eloquently in your being, create a symphony to which all life will respond. Do you wish for poverty, illness, war and all other discomforts to fade? In your Collective Consciousness, this concept exists. You remember worlds and lifetimes where this was the case. Create the Symphony of Virtues, and you will at last see the true lesson of illness, lack, poverty, aggression and completion. You will see these things as tools to hone your spirit, not as enemies to give you cause to fight your fellow humans over.

Create the Symphony of Virtues and all of those things will begin to fade away. Create the Symphony of Virtues and you will no longer wish to fight, take more than you need, have more children than you or Gaia can support, or harm another in any way. These shifts will bring about the ones you cry out so loudly about.

To find the core of this issue, the “truth” as you might call it, look at the big picture. Look beyond the human side, what other humans are saying, and what other humans are doing. Look at the grand cycle, the galactic cycle.  Other worlds have learned to live in harmony and cooperation. Other races of beings have learned to live in cooperative harmony.

Do you really wish for things to return to what they were before your current year? The galactic energies that are ushering in the Age of Aquarius will not permit that. After this, you will either learn from your past and discover how to create your own Symphony of Virtues, which will resonate with others and create a world that resonates with this Symphony so strongly that no disruptive energies can exist.

Do you think, when I say that if you do NOT learn the Symphony of Virtues, that the things that you find uncomfortable will increase, that I am threatening you? That is not, nor has it ever been, the case. The quality of your lives has always rested with you. If you do not learn to choose harmonic ways of being, your weather will continue to be dangerous and unpredictable. Viruses and dis-ease will continue to plague you. You will continue to poison yourselves and your world, which will continue to bring suffering. You will continue to fight among yourselves. You will continue to over use resources and overpopulate, which will continue all aspects of the above cycle.

If you look to others outside of yourselves for solutions, no aid will come. Instead, we will continue to do as we always have done. Send tools in the form of frequencies that can help you leave behind your wasteful ways and bolster the quality of your inner light.

You can close your eyes and your beings. Take as much as you can get, as fast as you can get it, no matter the cost (and I think by now you know I do not base cost on a purely monetary value). And that will bring destruction from which your race will not recover. Gaia will be saved, but if humanity makes it clear that It will not seek the ways of peace, there is nothing more that can be done for It.

Heed my words. I will be in touch more often from now on, Dear Ones.

Lord Commander Ashtar of the Intergalactic Command