Channeling from the Shining Ones

Channeling from the Shining Ones – May 1, Beltane 2023

We are the Shining Ones. We are known by many names across all cultures. We are the Greater Fae, who have set the parameters where life and matter may exist. Some call us Tuatha de Danaan. Some call us Elohim. Others call us unicorns. Or Alchemists. Or angels. Or Vedic ‘gods’.  Or the Architects. We like that name the best.

We sail across the Cosmos in sleek, silver ships with no sails, that are open to the Cosmos. We create and maintain the energy of life called lifeforce. Though some sources claim that we are the Anunnaki, this is not correct. It is simply an attempt to deceive. Learn to read lifeforce correctly and you will never be fooled.

There are many connections for lifeforce that are set up in each world. If you remember to seek and accept energy from these sources, your lifeforce will flow more freely and strongly. None of these elements are meant to be worshipped, just as we are not meant to be worshipped. Please do not elevate yourself if you are in contact with us. Please do not lower yourself if you have not felt direct contact with us. Please do not call different colors of energy Rays “higher” or “lower”. Simply admire and respect all.

Think of us as artisans. Together we worked, long ago, to create this space for you. We set the connections for lifeforce, sources of life on Gaia, as perpetual energy portals. Respect us as master crafters but please refrain from worship. Worship saps energy, as does adding the label of a “curse” onto a series of coinciding challenges. Yes, find the pattern, solve the riddle, but refrain from adding heaviness to your challenges by calling them “curses”.

The sources we have set for you are: the sky, the earth, the winds, the water, the sun, the plants, stones and crystals and the animals. All of these elements make up the Book of Life.

A deep sense of peace and connection is available through looking at the night sky. The energy of the stars and planets feeds the auric fields and nervous system. It is also one of the elements that has been blocked through light pollution. This blocking leaves the majority of humanity feeling lost, depleted and disconnected.

Find places where you can drink in the night sky. It is a true drinking of lifeforce.

The earth contains life-giving frequencies. Some are called Schumann waves, but there are other, more subtle energies that nourish all who live on Gaia. Gaia, herself, is more than a sphere of rock and dirt. She is an entity with systems that support all life on her Being.

The earth has been polluted in many places. The earth’s lifegiving elements have been depleted. Find fertile, protected spaces and commune with Gaia. Sit on the earth. Send energies of care and compassion into the earth and receive grounding, life-affirming energies in return. Be aware of how you use the earth, your “carbon footprint.” The earth is growing more and more restless, like a neglected child. It is hungry for your care. It is nourished as it nourishes you. Drink the lifeforce of the earth.

The winds bring life and blow away impurities. But they also carry impurities from one part of the world to another. Learn to read the winds, no matter where you live. What does the west wind smell like? The north? The South? The east? What weather patterns exist with each of these winds? When do these winds feel nourishing? When is it best to protect yourself from them?

Speak to the winds. Ask them for benevolence. Ask them to return you to a state of wonder, where you see the life and beauty in all moments. Where you see that you are never alone, and where you see the depth of your own unique, beautiful being. Drink the lifeforce of the winds.

Water. Our world cannot exist without it. None of the other elements can exist without water. Fresh water is only a small fraction of the water on Gaia, and of the fresh water, a smaller and smaller amount of it is potable. Water is the lifeforce of Gaia and of all life on Gaia. It is meant to flow through us, energizing and refreshing us and reminding us of our truest essence.

Water is not meant to be a point of contention. It is not meant to be bought and sold, hoarded by the rich and withheld from the poor. It is life itself. Water reminds us that we did not create life on Gaia. We have no right to decide who should and should not, exist. We have no right to determine who has the right to quality of life. We nourish water by our care, by our tears, by our purity of energy.

Treasure fresh water. Send healing to lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans. Do all you can to respect the purity of water. Water, like all the elements we are discussing here, is sentient. Sing to the water. Sing to the earth. Sing to the winds. Sing to the sun, the stars and planets. All will hear you. Sing of your gratitude, your love, your joy, your peace. Let those elements grow like spring flowers. Let those elements nourish all.

The sun is your life star. It warms your days. Its rays, 93 million miles away, trigger lifeforce to flow in the plants, so they can grow, produce their byproduct: oxygen, and nourish all on Gaia. This is truly amazing, but not meant to be worshipped. How can you ever mature enough to bring harmonious lifeforce flow to your world if you ensnare yourself in the net of worship thinking?

Develop your energy. Remember that if many of you think the same thing, you are simply learning. This combined learning will create thought forms. A little like the DNA of seeds creates specific plants. Does this make seeds a focus of worship? Know what you are doing. Ask the sun to help you read the lifeforce energies. Ask it to be kind. It will respond to your energy. As will the earth, winds, water, all the elements. Be kind to them and they will relax, balance themselves and flow with kindness.
Instead of worship, use wonder. Wonder is open-minded, free-flowing energy, like gentle spring zephyrs that skip from flower to flower.

Plants are the mightiest kingdom on Gaia. They are fully sentient, yet are willing to allow themselves to be mowed, cut, pruned, eaten, even discarded. They are fully committed to Cosmic life cycles, knowing that even if a Sequoia grows for hundreds of years, it does not really die when it finally falls into the forest. It simply shifts form, giving lifeforce to the earth, as you shift form when you are no longer in need of your physical body. Care for the plants. Sing to them. Touch them gently. Talk to them as you plant seeds, as those seeds grow, and as their natural lifespan ends. Thank them for creating oxygen for you to breathe, and for absorbing carbon dioxide. Thank them each time you eat a salad, fruit or other vegetable. Thank the trees that grow so that you can have a house, chair, table, desk or bed. Thank the hemp plants that grow so freely, to make paper, cloth and other useful items. Thank the herbs that provide medicines to keep the body strong. Thank the fungi for their vast network of communication.

Ask permission before entering a wooded area. You are walking not only on leaves and pine needles, but on the history of that place that has existed long before you, and will continue long after you are gone. Thank the trees for their shade on warm days. Thank them for showing us the never-ending cycle of life.

The animals on Gaia are descended from the Great Brotherhood known in the Cosmos by many names. The Great White Brotherhood, The Great Brotherhood of All, the Brotherhood of All or Cosmic Brotherhood are other names. For every animal we know, there is a Cosmic correlation, a fully-sentient race of beings who willingly gave bits of themselves so that we could have cats, dogs, horses, tigers, elephants, whales and all other creatures.

Be kind to the creatures that share Gaia with you. In early spring, speak to the stinging insects. Express gratitude for all they do, and ask for peace with them. Set aside spaces in your yard, if possible, where they can safely build their nests, and where you can be safe from them. Add only pets to your family that you know you can fully care for, even in emergencies. Remember, these creatures have agreed to be your friends for their entire lifetimes. They are completely dependent on you. Treat all creatures with respect, gentleness, patience and care.

To help keep all of these life-giving elements in balance, keep yourself in balance. Don’t use too much energy, money, resources. Monitor your own lifeforce and live accordingly. If you have abundant lifeforce, use it to lift others. Resist any urge to join in the all-too abundant energies of competition and consumerism. Keep your energies clean.

Yes, this means that there are no shortcuts. There is no “getting away” with anything that is of low integrity. Even if only you know, your energy is affected. Allowing your own integrity to falter sends out waves of warped lifeforce that will only strengthen the energies of competition, scarcity and corruption.

These are simple lessons. We have shown you the results of allowing corrupted energies to flow, billions upon billions of times. Every moment of every day, each of you has the opportunity to clear the lifeforce around you, or corrupt it.

A simple exercise you can do each day is to find a place outside to sit. Bring yourself into a meditative state. Imagine a golden pyramid surrounding the area where you are sitting. If it is your yard, imagine it covering your house and yard. If it is a park, imagine the pyramid covering the park.

Place your hands, palm-up, on your knees. Picture a golden disc above your Crown Chakra. This represents your lifeforce energy, all that you have collected in this life, past lives and that you will collect in future lives. Focus on the golden disc. Is it brightly shining, pulsing with life? Or is it pale and depleted? If it seems depleted, think on areas of your life where you have given too much, or tried to impose your standards on others and covered that by what appear to be acts of goodwill. These kinds of things sap the energy. Call any energy back that you have allowed to be scattered.

Next, send some of the energy from your golden disc beneath you, to the center of the earth. Use some to create a special chair to sit on as well. Let your golden energy rise, with the earth energy, float up to your Crown, then collect in your lower abdomen. Allow the energies to mix, then ask them to be still.

Next, send some of your golden energy up, to the center of the Cosmos. Let that energy, with the Cosmic energy, float down through your Crown, then collect in your lower abdomen. Allow the energies to mix, then ask them to be still.

Send the combined earth, Cosmic and golden disc energies through your being. Let them float out into the energy fields around your body. Let them continue to float out, until they have completely filled the pyramid.

Now, picture a rainbow floating toward you from the Cosmos. Any colors you see are correct for you, and what you need in the moment. Swirl the colorful energies counter-clockwise, to release any energies that are not helpful. Once you feel clear, ask the energies to be still. Send the unneeded energy into the ground, like fertilizer.

Next, ask the colorful energies to swirl clockwise, to fill, balance and strengthen. Once you feel refreshed, ask the energies to be still. Use your hands and bits of the gold from your golden disc to make 12 roses on the edges of the space you have created. Within the pyramid, you have created a space where clean, abundant lifeforce will flow.

You can send the energies beyond the pyramid as well, to encourage clear lifeforce in your town, city, state, country, and to the world. Remember, what you do with your time, energy and resources is your choice.

Choose wisely.