Channelings from Archangel Azrael

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Note: Though I see the entities that we call “angels” as representations of energies, when a specific message comes through I will post it as I receive it. I see Azrael as the energy of transformation, Gabriel as the energy of healing, etc.

Channelings from Archangel Azrael

I would like to take a few minutes to talk about myself, about the perceptions and mis-perceptions that humankind has about me and about other helpful frequencies that humankind calls Angels, and to give you a message of hope and connection.

Many humans know that my frequency, often called Archangel Azrael, is a powerful celestial being—really, a frequency that humankind personifies as you personify other Angelic frequencies.  I have most often been associated with the transitional energy between planes, causing many on the planet Earth to call me the “death angel.”

This has given many of you a negative association with my frequency, which is unfortunate, since my frequency is meant as one of the most focused, powerful and helpful frequencies available to you.

Remember that the Order of Angels as humankind understands it is a helpful Order, and that the Order of Archangels is particularly helpful to all life.  We are, in fact, considered “Overseers” and Guides and as such, we facilitate the relationships between humanity and Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and other Celestial Light Beings.

I would like to help you to understand how powerful my particular frequency is and can be for you.  Remember, too, that all frequencies are available to you at any given time, and also that yes, there are times when certain frequencies can be felt more strongly than others.

In my case, if you are at a major crossroads or even at what many humans consider the  ‘ultimate’ crossroad, the transitional phase between what is called “Life” and “Death” on this world, then yes, you will feel my energy more strongly active in your sphere.

I keep emphasizing the importance of moving past the need to personify my frequency and the frequency of other Angels, Spirit Guides and Helpers because personifying us is a limited point of view.

Can you see that?  If, for example, you only see my frequency of transformation and transition as “Archangel Azrael:  Angel of Death” will you be able to discern the other nuances of my energy?  Because, Dear Ones, and yes, we all call you that, there are indeed many other aspects to my energy that you might not be aware of if you only see me as a human-like being with the energy to take-and ugh, I do not like that way of saying it, as I never take, I only give—a person from one plane to another.

Do you see how much bigger and more expansive the idea of me giving people what they need to transcend this plane and enter another is to my ‘taking’ life?  Do you also see that life is never taken, only transformed?

And if you see that, then see this:

My name can and is sometimes by other beings, also spelled like this:


What does that tell you?  Yes, this is how the Pleiadians and some of the other helpful Star Beings spell their names.  No, I am not specifically Pleiadian, that as well as the personified images of my frequency is limited.  But yes I am part of the Portal  energy, in fact, I am the Master Portal Keeper of this realm, and as such, the Pleiadians work as you humans would put it “under” me.

So is it such a leap for you to see that because I am the frequency of Transition, Transformation and Integration, that I am the Portal Keeper?

Also notice the “El” at the end of my name.  That signifies a God name and yes, I am close to the Great Source.

What better time to understand my frequency more clearly that at the cusp of the time when the Great Portal is opened.

Know this, that each time a soul or as we see it, a specific human energy frequency, is ready to transition from the human plane to other planes, that I come to hold the space.  I come to share Presence, which is a holy Law, the Law of Presence.  I hope you have heard of that Law.  Know, too, that any Cosmic Frequency that is also a Law is often perverted by those who feed on fear and intimidation.

Do you feel, Dear Ones, any fear or intimidation, or any need for control, in my words?

So, at the time of greatest need in your lives, which includes the time of transition out of the human body and onward to other planes, I come and hold the space.  And hold the dignity and deep wisdom of that moment of transition.

Do you know that it is I who opens the portal between the worlds, when people “see that light?”  Do you see that now as a moment of deep compassion and gentleness.

And seeing that, does it surprise you that my sister is the Goddess of Compassion, often called Q’uan Yin?  And yes, she, too, is a frequency, so is not really a ‘she’ though her frequency is more feminine than masculine, any more than I am really a ‘he’ though my frequency is more masculine than feminine.

And of course the frequency of Compassion is a Law, and is known by many names.

So now that you know that I am the Portal Keeper, can you also see that if you call on me in times of transition, struggle, important and/or difficult life lessons, that I can help you move through those times.  My frequency can also help you to learn the deep spiritual lessons from those times.  My sister frequency of Compassion, is never absent from me.

This brings up another point, and that is that frequencies are really only separated by humankind to help you to discern one aspect from another.  For example, the frequency of Compassion cannot be separated from the frequency of Transformation.

And do you not remember that Q’uan Yin also says that if a person who has done wrong realizes the depth of the consequences and comes into awareness of the accountability needed, even at the moment of death, that if they call out to Q’uan Yin, she can stay the executing blow?

Do you see that this means that the gentle Q’uan Yin is also present at the moment of what you call death?  That she and I together stand at the tipping points of your lives, holding space for the moments of clarity, of what you call enlightenment, to assist you?

Also that we know in those moments what assistance will benefit you most.  So the moment of salvation as you might call it is not always transformation back into human life.  Death is not a defeat, Dear Ones.  It is just a transformation.

Another reason that my frequency is so often misinterpreted is that though circumstances that bring a person to the point of death or to ‘rock bottom’ as you call it, though those things are often very loud and brash energies, my own energy is quiet, still and sure.

So in the most difficult moments of your life, look for the quiet, the still, the confident.  My color is buttercup yellow and yes, because that is such a soft color, some people have called me simply “Buttercup.”

I don’t mind that of course, but it is beneficial to you to know in your difficult moments that it is the Highest of Frequencies of transformation that come to your aid.

Know also that when I come to you, I always come with the Frequency of Unconditional Love.  And yes, that is a different frequency in a way, but just as I cannot be separated from the Frequency of Compassion, so I cannot be separated from the Frequency of Unconditional Love.

Think about it:  What other frequencies would a loving Source send at times of greatest trial?

Know also that in holding space, in my role as Portal Keeper, I always honor your free will.  I commune with your Higher Self and also your Lower Self if you are aware enough and open to my input.  Though I assist you I never take anything from you or make decisions for you.

Yet another frequency that is present at times of transition is that of Peace.  This Frequency is often seen as pale orange or light gold and is associated with the Prince of Peace or the Christos energy.

This last thread of the harmonic that helps to guide you through life challenges and transition from one plane to another should help remove any remaining reticence to call on me.  All of the frequencies combined exist for your benefit.

The combination of my buttercup, the purple of Compassion, the rose color of Unconditional Love and the pale orange of the Christos energy is intended for your greatest good.

One more thing I would like to share with you at this time is the concept of the Darklight.  Some people would see this as a “dark night of the soul” but it is really quite different.

To many of you who live on Earth, positive energy is that of light.  And that can be so, yet quite often what is called light doesn’t go deep enough to create the level of healing necessary for transformation.  And you do recall that my frequency is all about transformation.

An example could be the intention to always forgive and never judge.  And this energy does have its own light.  But can you see that it is not enough to simply forgive without any accountability? And can you see that holding nonjudgement can enable darkness by your refusal to name obvious acts of darkness?

To attain deeper levels of healing, you must indeed go toward the light. But don’t stop there. Keep moving, through the light, learning all that the concept of light can teach you.  After you move through the light for awhile you will hit an area of darkness.

This is the area that will remind you that forgiving someone who yells at you, often allows them to remain in your life, and yell at you again and again.  To heal the situation you must value yourself enough to name the energy behind the yelling and also refuse to allow that energy in your life.

And I do know that speaking as energy is easier to consider removing that than when you have a name attached, of a sister, brother or friend.  But surely you can see that if you allow someone to repeatedly yell at you, you are in effect giving them permission to continue.  It is not your job to make them stop, of course, but by refusing to allow the energy of yelling in your life, you clear your space and confront your feelings that arise when you are yelled at.

Once you begin to see your own deep hurts that have not been cared for by trusted friends, loved ones or even society, you will find yourself at the edge of a deeper dark space that We call the Void.

Many Earthly sources teach you to avoid this place at all costs—even the word “avoid” resonates with that energy.  But what is the Void?  It is your own deepest feelings, fears, beliefs and awareness.  It is deep silence.  It is the energy of Life, from deep within your own Being.  You are taught not to look into this place by those in your world who have decided to control others.  The most effective way to control large groups of people is to create limiting beliefs.  The most devastating form of control is to create beliefs that urge people to be afraid of themselves.

So I hope you can see that instead of terrible things, the Void holds your deepest treasures.  Your inner peace.   Your sense of self.  Your calm awareness.

So stay in this space, once you reach it, until you feel you have learned what you can.  Then you will feel yourself naturally moving forward once again.

You will eventually reach a place of violet light.  Some people call this the Violet Flame of Q’uan Yin, and indeed, it is. But it is much more.  You see, the reason that Q’uan Yin’s frequency of Compassion is able to save you even at the last moment is because if you are able to call out to her frequency in your deepest need, you will have gone through the stages of Deep Knowing, described above.

This place of purple light infused with black is called the Darklight.  This is where the deepest healing occurs.  Your human sources know that at least 80% of all dis-ease is caused by the emotional body.  The Darklight communes with the emotional body, reminding and supporting it as it connects to the highest frequencies.

And yes, often it does take a lifetime to reach this place.  Though there are some who come and go to this place over and over, even in a short human lifespan.  But whether you reach this place of deep healing once or many times, know that this is what your life is for.

It isn’t for getting through or getting it over with.  It is for depth, for discernment, for courage, for strength and knowing.  Can you now see that the true riches of human life have nothing to do with material possessions or money?

May you experience all the riches that your life path has to offer.

In greatest love,

Archangel Azrael

Channelings from ArchAngel Azrael Dec 20, 2012

Who Calls Who?

The stereotype is familiar enough that it’s safe to say most people have seen the depiction of the death angel coming to take souls at the time of death.  A Twilight Zone episode showed a woman who had refused to open her door for decades in order to not let death in.  Other stories show people making deals where they can remain on Earth if they can ask a riddle that the Death Angel can’t answer.

You probably can think of other similar scenarios.

Today I would like to dispel the myth that my presence at the moment of death is my idea.  Remember that I am a frequency.  You, too, are a frequency encased in a temporary flesh vehicle.

At the point of death you and your Higher Self send out a specific frequency.  I answer that frequency.

It’s a little like a bee hive, under attack. When one bee is harmed, a frequency is sent out that alerts the hive.  All members of the hive sense the frequency—I say sense rather than hear because they feel, sense, hear, taste, even smell the frequency that gives out a specific signal, saying “Attack!”

This is why if two people are near a nest and one person steps on a bee, that the other person often isn’t stung.

So when you are at the point of death, a frequency goes out.  I respond to that frequency, and send my own answering frequency.  So you see that it isn’t me who calls you away from your life.  It is you and your Higher Self that call for my assistance.

As you also know, it takes more than the sending of the ‘end of life’ frequency to actually end your life. Medical personnel can assist your Lifeforce and allow you to come back. Friends, family members, children and other loved ones can send their supportive Lifeforce and that frequency often does override the ‘end of life’ frequency.

Do you think I gnash my teeth and stomp around in frustration when you are able to return to your life?  I know that is another of your Earthly stereotypes, but that is not my response.

My response is joy, jubilation and celebration of the fact that you have made the choice to stay.  If you choose to follow my supportive frequency, my response is also joy, jubilation and celebration at the successful completion of your present incarnation.

You see, it is not my job to ‘take’ your life.  It is my honor and privilege to assist you and to respond to the frequency that often comes in times of greatest need.  Sometimes if you and your Higher Self send out the ‘end of life’ frequency, your interaction with that frequency causes you to call upon reserves of Lifeforce energy that you may not have been aware that you had, before that point.

That can also help you to feel more keenly the connections you have in your current life, which also can help you to choose to stay.

So, whether I have the honor of leading you through the transition from life to afterlife, or whether I have the honor of being the catalyst that helps you connect more deeply with your present incarnation, the honor still remains.

I am a frequency that some call Archangel Azrael.  Let us get to know each other better.

In greatest love,

ArchAngel Azrael

Channelings from ArchAngel Azrael 12/21/2012

Dear Ones, as you move from what your timeline calls one ‘year’ to the next, remember that time is a construct, created for you.  Often your schedules run you, literally ragged, and I mean this in sincerity and love.

Take back your authority over the concept of time. Do not allow the things you have created to be your servants and helpers to control you.

Do you see how my frequency is tied to the concept of time?  Perhaps visions of “Father Time” or “Death” spring to your minds, waving bony fingers across a row of hourglasses.

And of course there is some truth to that Archetype, for as you know, your physical fleshly spaceships have a limited duration and they are sensitive, as well as susceptible to many outward aspects.

Remember also that when you feel dire threats to your physical self and also that your time in your present incarnation is ending, or threatening to be ended, you send out a special frequency that I hear.

Yes, you might call others as well, those Archetypes that you perceive as being Saviors.  And They come as well.  But do you perceive my frequency as a Savior?  You would do well to consider that, as I am as much a Shepherd as the Prince of Peace frequency, of which the ones you call Jesus and the human manifestation of Buddha are parts.

I urge you on this day to remember that the names of the days, months and the numbering of the years are all human constructs.  They are simply a way of organizing and planning.  They are not meant to run your life, any more than death is meant as something to be afraid of.

Oh yes, you are taught to be afraid, but think for a moment.  Who does that really serve?  Only the slavedrivers of your world, and yes, they exist on most worlds, as a means for you to understand and become aware of their presence.

So you may call today the last day of 2012, and you may call tomorrow the first day of 2013 but remember that these labels are to serve you, not the other way around.

Just as my frequency is meant as a help for you.  I guide you at the successful, or even unsuccessful, completion of each incarnation.  I come at moments of dire need to ascertain what is most helpful to you.  I commune with your Higher Self even if your fleshly self rejects the idea that my presence could be welcome.

To me what you are ending is a time of blindness and slavery.  You are stepping into the very beginnings of an era of Peace.  These eras seem much more useful to me than the name of a day of a month that was created as a temporary structure.

So know that only you can reclaim the power in your life.  Only you can choose to rise above labels, schedules, names and limitations.

Blessed ending of 2012, Dear Ones.  Blessed beginning of 2013.  Blessed Be to all, to openness, to peace, to abundance, to a paradigm of integrity, manifestation and clarity.

In Greatest Love:  ArchAngel Azrael