Energy of the Year of the Black Yin Water Rabbit

Year of the Black Yin Water Rabbit/Cat, aka Chinese or Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year always begins on a New Moon, which is today. This year we have a Super New Moon in Aquarius. Super New Moons feel more like Full Moon energies. This one is called a Stealth Super Moon, that will bring extreme tides—both low and high. Strong storms and seismic activities are also possible.

The Sabian Symbol for this moon is: An unexpected thunderstorm. We have not had a New Moon this close to Earth for 992 years. The moon will not be this close again for another 345 years.

The Chinese New Year celebration lasts for about 2 weeks, this year until Sunday, February 5th.

Because the Yin Water element is associated with the color black, we have the Black Yin Water Rabbit. Some cultures, like Vietnam and other small Asian countries use Cat instead of Rabbit.

Chinese culture deems Rabbit the luckiest of all the twelve animals.

The 2023 theme: All the seeds of effort we have sown will finally bear fruit whose sweetness is determined by the purity of our heart’s intent.

Life slows down, offering us a 12-month convalescence to heal from the rougher energies of the past few years. The energy of the year will be devoted to calm and peace.




Acquisitions (pets, property, friendships, partnerships)

Inner Spaces


Peace–especially inner peace
















Artistic Expression

These themes, as well as the flowing water element, will be soothing after the rough energies of the 2022 Year of the Tiger.

Water: North, planet: Mercury. Gives back to the Earth. Supportive of and supported by nature.

Feelings, imagination, attunement to the energies present. The most powerful element as is can move around any obstacle without losing its essential nature.

Lucky colors: Red, pink, purple, blue

Lucky flowers: Plantain, lily, jasmine

Weaknesses: Lacking in meditation, sinking money into lost causes, lack of determination, stubbornness

What are the planets doing?

Mars Stationed Direct a couple weeks ago. Mercury Stationed Direct a few days ago. Uranus will Station Direct tomorrow.  Uranus Direct could shake up global markets and personal finances.

All planets will be direct as of tomorrow, until the end of April when Mercury goes Retrograde. The next planet after that will be Pluto Retrograde on May 23.

So, we could have a quiet spring to work, dream and make progress on our goals.

January 20th began Aquarius season: sense of self, intellect, seeing evolution, future-oriented, liberation, progress and individuality.

The Year of the rabbit is followed in 2024 by the year of the Green Wood Dragon.

Dragons are the mightiest energy of the Chinese zodiac.

Themes: Leadership, courage, talent, making fun of people who show fear, demanding, controlling, self-centered.

Dragon’s aggression can trigger massive spending and expensive plans. A good year for travel, starting a business, having children.

Aggressive Dragon energy could try to undo the benevolent changes of the Year of the Rabbit. Tender-hearted Rabbit can be seen as weak or vulnerable, which triggers aggression and control from dragon energies.

Wood Energy: Strong, tough, flexible. The energy of spring, nature and morning. It is associated with the unifying principle of Deng, which governs yin and yang. Wood energy is generous, creative and has to do with love, rebirth and deep intelligence.

Wood aspects: Talented, introverted, good at reasoning.

The Year of the Green Wood Dragon is followed in 2025 by the Green Wood Snake. More information about that will come later.