Equinox 2023 Energetic Message

Peaceful walkway

Equinox 2023 Energy Messages

The messages below came from several sources: the Great White Brotherhood, the Shining Ones and the Greater Fae.

Reclaim a sense of wonder. Even if it seems as if you’ve already seen it all, done it all. Find an aspect in each day that sparks your curiosity, sense of adventure, sense of awe. If you know big patterns well, look to small details. If you have tended to get stuck on details, look at the bigger patterns. Wonder is the combination of both aspects. Simultaneously seeing the minute intricacies as they play out in the bigger patterns.

There is always room for hope. Hope, like wonder, is an expansive energy. Hope exists even in the most difficult of experiences. Look for it. It is there. That invites a sense of wonder into even the heaviest days.

Remember that everything here is an illusion. It is here to teach us. How to take care of ourselves. How to take care of each other. How to take care of the world around us. How to incorporate nature into everything we do. The boundaries of this, and every world, are set ahead of time to allow matter to exist. The precise way that matter exists on each world depends on the qualities being taught on that world. Discover the core challenges/qualities and how they pertain to your life, and solve the mystery of your unique, precise life. That shatters the illusion, allowing you to move outward, to inspire others to do the same.

Remember that your discoveries are meant for you. Though they will be somewhere on the overall reality frame of others, they will not be precisely the same. Stick with themes. That will help you get the most out of what life is teaching you as well as be most helpful to others.

View the experiences others share with you with curiosity and acceptance. All energies, curiosity, compassion, harmony, love, pain, hurt, even death, exist here to help you. Becoming overly involved with others’ struggles, thinking that how you would have handled it would have been “better” does not help. It entangles and constricts your energy and discourages others.  Be an ear, without pushing into the energy by trying to “solve” their issues. Yes, your life in many ways is your riddle to solve. Trying to solve others’ riddles does not allow them to grow.

Trust. Change is happening. Big change. Some changes, you will like. A lot. Others, not so much. Do your best to flow with the energies. Birds learn to read the winds—not just direction or speed but there are layers of wind. Even in a storm, there are pockets of air that are easier to navigate. Some even help push them through the turbulent parts. Learn to read energy the way that birds read air flow. Instead of feeling as if you need to take everything head-on, trust that there is a smoother way through. Look for that way.

Trust your allies. No matter how you see or connect with energetic helpers, they are always there for you. They help you to trust YOU more and become more self-sufficient. You will need to be more self-sufficient for awhile yet. Perhaps a long while. Do that as well as you can. Discuss any concerns with your allies, as if you were discussing them with a trusted friend, which they are. They do not want to be worshipped any more than a human friend would. Just talk to them, they will fill in the areas that you can’t but they will first expect you to grow.

The theme of wonder is HUGE. More will come out about this for Beltane. This was what I picked up from today’s Equinox/New Moon energy, at the time this morning when the moon and sun were both at 0 degrees of Aries.