Esha Information

Esha is a band of helpful energetic frequencies. The information below is what I have so far, though as I work with these energies, more information will surface.

Esha Info

Esha is a word that can mean “alive” or “full of life”. This is our essential lifeforce energy, the unique energy that makes us who we are.

Many of us have had this energy damaged early in life, driving it deep inside where it feels safer. For some, this can feel like a “bomb shelter” where we know we must use all available energies to protect the area, but often we have forgotten what is in the shelter. This is especially true if the damage that drives our Esha into hiding happens early in life.

If our Esha is damaged, the Vagus nerve is also damaged, leaving us with a shaky core to work from. It can seem as if no amount of effort on our part allows us to hold things together.

Living daily life without a strong flow of Esha means using other energies. like anxiety, anger, frustration or fear to drive us forward instead of relying on the bountiful lifeforce energy flow we bring with us into each incarnation.

There are many ways to heal and reconnect with this essential energy. Meditation, Reiki, crystal work, acupuncture, tuning fork and sound work, deep breathing, spending time in nature, singing, to name a few.

The core aspect of healing this energy is to:

1) Create and maintain a calm, safe space
2) Practice any of the items listed above
and, most importantly:

3) Place your hands over your heart
4) Call Esha back to you. Name it. Tell it all you have done to create a space where it can flow through your life in peace and safety.

The benefits of calling back your Esha energy:

A deeper sense of inner quiet and peace.
A stronger sense of confidence, as you feel you have an inner foundation rather than the sense of a shaky center.
Improved vitality as energies used to protect the encapsulated Esha are redistributed.
Improved health, as anxiety levels relax and energies become available for daily tasks and challenges.

If you feel your core lifeforce essence, your Esha, has been damaged, an Integrated Sound Therapy session can help. PM me to schedule one.

Distant sessions also help, and can be as effective as in-person sessions.