Golden Triangle



The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a system of energy channeling received in 1998 by James Purner. Though, as the founder of this information, he has set his intention that this energy should be given freely, without any fee, many websites now charge for the attunement based on this information.

The Golden Triangle is an often misunderstood and underused system of Reiki or lifeforce energy. The pyramid focus helps the energy of this system and any system it is combined with, to intensify and clear difficult issues. It does this by gently dissolving stagnant energies, whether they are sudden and acute or chronic.

It is also an energy of protection, sanctification in the Light, and focus. It is the Breath of Lifeforce, that attunes all Chakras to connect more directly to Source or Ultimate Lifeforce, in cooperation with but above and beyond the limitations of, the lesser lifeforce energy available on Earth.

The Golden Triangle energy is extremely focused and powerful, useful for clearing stubborn, chronic or acute issues, whether they be physical, emotional or energetic.

Once the attunement is given, it can be used to increase conscious awareness of Universal beingness, Laws of Light, alignment, balance and Galactic Integrity.

It can be used to stimulate and focus the energy of the Third Eye Chakra.

It can be used to create a Golden Column to clear areas of concern, whether they be physical, emotional or energetic.
It can be used as a focal point to invite Galactic Allies to connect and share wisdom.

Toning is a strong way to invoke and activate the Golden Triangle energy.

Though the energy is Golden, to connect with the lifeforce of Earth, the Source of the energy is a combination of the Silver and Gold Gates.

This connects north and south, creating a circle.


If you are interested in receiving a FREE Golden Triangle attunement, as part of a session, in person or via distance, please contact me.