Summer Solstice 2023 Information

Summer Solstice 2023 Energetic Info:

Summer solstice is:

Sol= Sun

Stice = Still

Solstice is when the sun stands still, whether it is the summer or winter solstice.

Brings a thinning of the Veil, the energetic and physical worlds feel less separate from one another.

On solstice eve, the entire energy grid of Earth moves into harmony, allowing us to connect more easily with our Galactic Allies and with the healing energies of the Earth.

Traditional things to eat on Solstice:

Focus on clearing summer-heat, nourishing qi and quenching thirst.

This is a bit tricky this year, as the energetic climate for this summer is


So, quench heat in heat spells, go back to warming foods in cold spells, as we in the Pacific NW just experienced over the past few days.

Noodles (since grain harvests occur at Summer Solstice in China)

Bitter foods

Greens, lettuce, kale


We are moving from the spring Wood element season, with its emphasis on the liver/gallbladder and into the summer Fire element season, with its emphasis on the heart and small intestine.

Pay attention to signs, serendipities, dreams and unusual communication. Use the available energies to finish projects and goals.

Find harmony and positive energy in everyday experiences

Solstice is a time of Leo, the Sun, that brings bold, dominant energy and

Cancer season begins: is soft/feminine. So a balance of yin and yang

Planets in Retrograde: 

Pluto: May 1 – Oct 11

Saturn: June 17 – Nov 4

Neptune: June 30 – Dec 6

July retrogrades:

Venus: July 22 – Sept 3

Chiron: July 26 – Dec 27

Planets changing signs:

Saturn entered Pisces on March 7, for the first time in 26 years, where it will remain until May 24, 2025, briefly retrograde into Aquarius, then back into Pisces from August 31, 2025 – February 11, 2026.

Saturn in Pisces asks us to consider what we have learned and how we have grown. And matured. It wants us to be responsible for our actions. It offers concrete opportunities that include stepping outside of your comfort zone, but in ways that won’t feel scary.

Pluto slips back into Capricorn on June 11, until January 20, 2024, when it enters Aquarius once more, until Sept 1, 2024, when it renters Capricorn until Nov 19, 2024, where it finally settles in Aquarius through 2043.

Planetary Energies:

June 16: Sedna moves into Gemini.

New Moon, June 18: Open to therapeutic solutions. This opened the Solstice Portal. Theme: search for fulfillment. Themes: reflection, rebirth, renewal.

Neptune sq. New Moon: Release illusions.

Juno, asteroid named after the goddess of marriage and Vesta, representing our inner light, are active this month. June is Juno’s strongest month, since it is named after it. Vesta makes sense too, since we are celebrating the time of strongest light, the Solstice. Vesta reminds us that the outer light reflects our inner light, and vice versa.

Sun sq Neptune, June 19: Helps find words for deeply buried feelings and issues, and an abrupt end to any fantasies

June 19: Jupiter in Sagittarius harmonizes with Saturn in Pisces: Harmonizing energies, a milestone: Opening Sextile, beginning of a 20 year cycle, 3rd House of mind and intelect. Jupiter helps us set our intentions. Saturn helps us follow through.

Wednesday, June 21, on Solstice, the Sun enters 0 degrees Cancer, which has a deep connection to the Moon. Balance of masculine and feminine energies.

June 22: Juno enters Cancer, Vesta enters Gemini.

June 26: Mercury sq Neptune in Pisces from late Gemini. Confusion and misunderstanding could come up.

June 26: Mars in Leo sq Uranus in Taurus: Brings up impulsive, perhaps clumsy energy that could result in injury if you are not careful.

June 27: Mercury follows the Sun into Cancer, creating a relaxed trine to Saturn on the 29th.

June 30: Mercury trines Saturn: Good energy for getting together with likeminded people, and reflect on hopes and dreams.