The Day Out of Time and Galactic New Year

Day Out of Time aka Galactic Freedom Day or Worldwide Appreciation Day

 The Sirius Gate energy days remind us that we are the Song of the Stars. Focusing on these Gates helps us remember how to share our beauty and purpose. The Day Out of Time marks the space between the ending of one Galactic Year and the beginning of the next. Each Galactic Year has a theme.

The theme for July26, 2023 – July, 25 2024 is White Overtone Wizard.

The Day Out of Time occurs on July 25 each year. It is celebrated across the world in over 90 countries by people of many cultures who recognize the importance of a natural reckoning of time, and a connection to a bigger sense of what existence is. It is a day to recoup, recharge your energies and reflect. It is a day for art and creativity. It is a day that respects the feminine aspects of nature and integrates them into the reckoning of time.

It is sometimes called the Yellow Seed Day, because it asks us to recognize and connect to the power of our intentions. Yellow seed is the Conscious self, who we are and who we are becoming. What have you bult as an individual? What have we, and are we, building as a collective? We have the power to plant new seeds, weed out older ones that have not produced the crops we need.

Mayan Calendar vs. Gregorian

The Day Out of Time is a breath between the old and new Galactic Years. According to the Mayan and Galactic calendars, the year ends on day 364 and begins again on day 1. The 365th day does not exist in the Mayan calendar, so it is truly a day out of time.

The Gregorian calendar, that most of the world uses, is considered dissonant with the galactic energies because it is based on taxation and war, derived from Babylonian timekeeping, and instated by the Vatican. It fails to take in the non-linear aspects of time, as the Mayan calendar more accurately does. Part of the reason for this is that time in our world is seen as a commodity. It is bought, sold, owned. There is no room in a mindset like that for a day Out of Time. Since the Gregorian calendar also operates in an irregular manner, given the uneven days of each month, and does not recognize the larger galactic patterns, it limits time itself.

The 13-month, 28-day Mayan calendar is in harmonic resonance with the galactic energies because its 13 28-day months leave a day that literally does not exist in the timeframe, reminding us of the artificial and limited nature of time on our planet. The Mayans recognized that we need to integrate the 13 moons and rebalance our time/space. Using the Day Out of Time to do that will realign your energies.

How to Use the Day Out of Time

This is a day of Free Time, best spent in the most timeless fashion you can. Prepare ahead of time so you don’t need to work, cook, clean, pay attention to a schedule or attend to any mundane duties other than the nurturing of your being. It is an opportunity to synchronize our energies as a group.

A good resource for information about the Day Out of Time, Galactic New Year and other Galactic events is

Day Out of Time 2023 Themes

Time is art

Planetary peace through culture

Universal forgiveness


Freeing of Debts


The art of peace

Galactic Freedom Day

Energy Portals

This time is also charged with the energy of portals, all focused on the energy of Sirius, beginning with the Sirius Gateway on July 4th. The Earth is also farthest from the sun at this time. Sirius rises with the sun on the Day Out of Time.

The Galactic New Year portal will open on July 26 and the Lion’s Gate Portal is most active on August 8th.  The Lion’s Gate is when our planet aligns with Sirius at the galactic center. This creates a harmonious portal that aligns matter with antimatter. It expands on the manifesting energy of the Day Out of Time by giving us an extra push of masculine/sun energy to bring our ideas into reality. This intense portal is fully open on August 8th, pouring light codes for mastery and offering us the choice to align with the Words of Life that are the Galactic Laws for harmony and balance of the universe.

The Day Out of Time is the Odin’s Gate. Odin is the Blank Rune, representing a space where all and nothing exist, the space between breaths. The Day Out of Time is a Sacred Pause. A time of Profound rest. If we treat this time as Sacred, we will be refreshed, renewed and may receive important insights, downloads and light codes that will benefit us in the coming year.

Things to Do on the Day Out of Time

Tune into the telepathic field in meditation, to join with others in energizing the victory of love.

Send blessings, waves of gratitude, goodwill, prayers, devotions

Visualize a positive future

Focus on healing work: your own, humanity’s, our planet’s

Talk to the plant kingdom

Talk to the universe

Talk to your galactic allies

Celebrate time as art by creating art

Dive into the feminine aspects of nature

Galactic Energy Focal Points

We are always near a New Moon at the time of the Day Out of Time (the 17th this year).

The energy of Sirius is one of the focal points for the Day Out of Time, and for the months of July and August as well. Sirius is also called the Dog Star, Central Sun, the Blue Sun. It is the brightest star in the night sky.

It is seen as a life-giver.

On July 3 – 7, our sun aligns with Sirius. This year the exact alignment is 12:10 AM PDT on July 4.

On the Day Out of Time, Sirius rises with the sun.

On August 7, the day before the strongest day of the Lion’s Gate, Sirius rises before our sun.

These days are called the Dog Days of summer and run from right after the summer solstice, on June 25 – August 11.  So, the energy of Sirius is a central energy for most of the summer.

From June 25 – the autumn equinox, light codes from Sirius are amplified by Sirius being in alignment with the sun



Universal forgiveness

Planetary Peace through Culture





Awareness of the importance of eternal/galactic time




Completion of the past

New Beginnings


Planetary frequencies:

Mars/Venus: balance of yin and yang

Chiron/Venus: Healing our Heart Field

Chiron/Mars: Healing the Divine masculine

Chiron/Hygiea: Healing on all dimensions and the Divine Feminine

Chiron/Earth Day: Healing and supporting the Being

Venus Octave: Take in the fullness of the Divine Feminine

Hygiea Octave: Take in the fullness of healing on all dimensions

Vesta: Determination to make the world a better place

Galactic New Year


Based on the Heliacal Rising of Sirius at 19.5 latitude north, the Galactic New Year is always on July 26th.

The theme of this Galactic New Year is White Overtone Wizard.

This directs:

Root to the center, grounding in your heart-knowing, to your sovereign connection to the living Mystery. Own your radiant power. Give yourself permission to shine. Claim your voice. Claim your influence. Claim your uniqueness. Claim all of your being.

Be a cultural way-shower. Dissolve veils to help humanity remember that life is an adventure.

Activate your own unique wizardry. Your soul’s light, compassion, wisdom, imagination, creativity, and courage.

You are not a machine. You are Nature. Celebrate the trees in your blood and the stars in your cells.

Learn to trust the now-moment as a living oracle. The present moment is always your ally. Accept what is and bring your sincere heart to it.

Allow yourself to be touched by the vastness of existence. Learn to center in your direct connection to Source. Claim your inner, Divine powers.

Detract from distractions and fears. Learn to heal yourself with love. Release the past. Arrive fully in the now. Integrate your wounds and shadows, for those are the keys to evolution.

Galactic Affirmation for this year:

I Empower in order to Enchant
Commanding Receptivity 
I Seal the Output of Timelessness
With the Overtone Tone of Radiance
I Am Guided by the Power of Spirit.”


Embody and emanate our own ray of the Sacred. Breathe life-force into the unique sparks of magic encoded in your being. As you share your inner treasures, you help re-enchant and regenerate our shared world, from the inside out.