The Energies of the Four Royal Stars

The Four Royal Stars

The Royal Stars are fixed stars that form a cross in the sky. They are: Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Formalhaut.

Aldebaran, in the constellation of Taurus, is the star of Wealth and luck, and the Guardian of the eastern skies. It is called the Eye of the Bull.

It is at 9 degrees Gemini and has the energies of Venus and Mars. It is active from May 29 – 31.

It is the leader of all the stars, home to the Silver Gate, where souls are said to travel as they descend to Earth.

Working with Aldebaran helps facilitate transformation of our mind into higher levels of consciousness

When active: Aldebaran sharpens the mind, unlocks deeper wisdom of higher truth and enhances intelligence.

It helps innovate and solve problems. It helps us to see the world from a higher viewpoint.

Regulus, star of courage and passion, is in the constellation of Leo, at 0 degrees Virgo, is the Guardian of the northern sky.  It is called the Heart of the Lion.

It is most active in late summer, from August 22 – 25, as we cross from the Leo season into the Virgo season.

Its energies are tied to a conjunction of the sun and moon. It is courageous, bold, passionate, honorable and noble.

Its energies are connected to Kings, Queens, leaders and the Crown Chakra. When the Crown Chakra is balanced, the rest of the energy centers flow with ease.

A strong Crown Chakra gives the awareness that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Antares, star of the warrior, is the Guardian of the western sky. It is at 9 degrees Sagittarius, in the constellation of Scorpio. It is called the belly of the scorpion and is most active from December 2 – 4. It is one of the brightest stars and is directly opposite to Aldebaran.

This creates a powerful axis between Antares and Aldebaran. It is connected to the emotional body, and the planetary energies of Jupiter and Mars.

When the sun crosses the axis between Aldebaran and Antares, from May 29 – 31, then on December 2 – 4, it opens a stargate, allowing us to receive psychic downloads and balance our mental and emotional bodies.

It is closely connected to the energy of Mars: fearless, confident, passionate.

Formalhaut, star of the spiritual priest, is at 4 degrees Pisces. It is called the Mouth of the Fish, in the constellation of Pisces. It is the Guardian of the southern sky. It is tied to the conjunction of Venus and Mercury. It is most active from February 21 – 24.

It is also called the loneliest star because it lights up a vast area of the night sky all by itself.

It is connected to the return of the light after darkness, as well as finding the light within ourselves. It is high in the sky in the autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and in spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Its energy is highly transformative. It reminds us that all things are temporary. All things in life come and go, but with every death, something is reborn. It is also tied to the creative process. It inspires extraordinary talent and gifts in art, music, writing, science and spirituality.

Calling on the Four Royal Stars

A way to call on the energy of the Four Royal Stars is to focus on the energetic gifts provided by each. Calling the stars in their season is powerful, but since they are all connected, you can call on any or all of them in their active seasons.

If you call on one or all of the Royal Stars, stand and face the direction of the star.  Use your own words but incorporate as much of the information on the star as possible.

For example, we are currently in the season of Aldebaran, until May 31. So you can say something like this:

“Aldebaran, Guardian of the Eastern sky, Eye of the Bull, leader of the stars, home of the silver gate: I call upon you to sharpen my mind. Unlock the deeper wisdom of intuition and galactic connection.”

Since Antares is connected to Aldebaran, calling out to it in our present time period is also helpful, and balancing. You could say something like this:

“Antares, Guardian of the Western sky, Belly of the Scorpion, Warrior energy, conjunct of Mars and Venus, I call upon you to open your stargate to me. Let me hear the messages that will help me in my life. Balance my emotional and intellectual being.”

You could call upon Regulus like this:

Regulus, Guardian of the Northern sky, energy of courage and passion, Heart of the Lion, energy of the Sun and Moon, I call upon you to activate and balance my Crown Chakra. Let me be courageous, bold, honorable and noble in all I do.”

And, you could call upon Formalhaut like this:

Formalhaut, Guardian of the Southern sky, star of the Spiritual Priest, Mouth of the Fish, loneliest star, energy of Venus and Mercury, I call upon you to help me find the light within myself. Transform my darkness into the light of transformation. Allow my creative processes to grow and bloom into beautiful creations.”