The Sirius Gateway

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Sirius Summer Gate

July is a month of Summer Gates and galactic energies.

The first of the Summer Gates, the Sirius Gateway, lasts from July 1 – 7. This year, 2023, July 4th was the exact alignment of that Gate. This Gate is where our sun aligns with the Central Sun, or the Blue Sun, names Sirius.

Vesta, energy of  our inner fire, stationed Retrograde in Pisces on July 4th as well.

The time of the Sirius Gate is also when we can see the Summer Triangle. From now until the end of December, we can see Vega, Deneb and Altair rise above the eastern horizon. They will travel directly overhead and set on the western horizon in the morning.

The Sirius Gate’s energies help us form new life paths, connect to our Galactic Allies and help us release energies that are not good for us, while choosing healthier energies. This Gate also helps us remember who we are. Where we came from before we came to Earth.  The Sirius Gateway is the alignment of minds. No matter how far apart we may be from our Galactic Allies, our minds are connected. Our communications with them can be instantaneous.

Now for the Summer Triangle. If the skies are clear and dark enough, look to the eastern horizon just after dark. You can see the Milky Way galaxy, stretching between Vega and Altair through Deneb. The highest and brightest star in the Summer Triangle is Vega, shining in the Lyra constellation. Vega is 25 light years from the sun, not far in galactic measurements. It is the brightest star in the summer sky.

In the lower right, or southern corner is Altair. Altair is 17 light years from the sun. Deneb is 2,600 light years from Earth, but it still shines brightly. Deneb is located in the Cygnus (Swan) constellation.

Asteroid Vesta holds the energy of determination. Its retrograde in Pisces helps us be determined to help ease the suffering of our world and try to make the world a better place.

Amid all of these celestial happenings, the moon is active.

The moon dances with Venus, bringing a lighthearted, fun energy

The moon also connects with Saturn, bringing a sense of thoughtfulness and thoroughness to our actions.

The moon squares Pluto, reminding us to be kind as we continue in our processes of transformation and shifting.

A time of Gates is always an excellent time for solitude, quietness and meditation. If you choose to quiet yourself during this time, it is excellent preparation for the Galactic New Year, Day Out of Time and Lion’s Gate. A focus can be simply to open your Heart Space to the energy of love, and the releasing of judgements and misunderstandings from your own stellar system. Whenever the stars align, our systems can align as well, if we work with t he energies.