The Words of Life

The Words of Life

There was once a time, and there still are times and places, of course, where nothing but the Words of Life are spoken.

I began writing about the Words of Life in the early 1980s, but thought the idea was just wishful thinking on my part.  You know, wishing the world was a better place, etc.  But after mentioning even a little bit of the ideas around the Words of Life, I have been asked to share more about what this means, what these Words are.

Simply put, the Words of Life are universal words with the intent and meaning to promote the best possible intentions for everyone and to bring out the light hidden inside of each person.

Often it’s easy to forget ourselves.  Some people have forgotten so completely who they are and that they are a light source themselves that they attack Lightworkers as soon as they recognize who they are.  They are like moths drawn to a light bulb, but when they get close, they realize that the light will change them.  And that scares them.

Since they believe the Words of Darkness, one such Law being “survival of the fittest” they feel justified in attacking and even destroying the physical manifestation of the Light whenever and wherever they see it.

The strength of their position comes from the idea that in this world as well as others, reality is created when enough people send enough energy to make something so.  For example:  take two singers, or two writers, or two artists, or two bakers.  It doesn’t matter which.  A person who is totally at peace with who they are could hear a song, taste a cupcake, read a book, etc. and find value in the experience fully from how they were affected by the experience.

And I am not denying that if a majority of people need say, a sad song or cinnamon flavored cupcakes, that it is wrong for an artist to tap into that strong energy thread and create what is needed.

What I am saying is more complex than this.  Perhaps another example will help.

In the 1800s there was an ailment called hysteria that mainly affected women and could cause a catatonic state (inability to move).  The ailment is mostly unheard of now. Which brings the question, why did it exist at all?

Historically, women have been subjugated in this world.  I believe that hysteria was the beginning of the awakening of the Divine Feminine.  Women were calling attention to themselves, perhaps not in a healthy way, but still, the energy was making itself known by refusing to move.

The tie-in to the Words of Life is that not all women chose to assert themselves in this way.  But there was a strong following of this energy thread.

Do you see?

Here is a present example that might help.

Cancer.  What is the thread behind this?  Why do some people get it who have no predisposition and are doing everything “right” with diet and exercise?  Is it not a deep desire for intense care?  Is it not daring to go to the edge, the very brink or even beyond, to receive the depth of care that has been lacking due in part to the subjugation of the Divine Feminine?

It is such a strong energy thread that several large cancer centers are bombarding the airwaves with touching scenarios about how people have beaten the dis-ease.  And though beating it does extend life, think of the terms here.  “Fight”, “beat” are both violent terms.  Do we as a society need deep care and intense concern so much that we are willing to beat our own bodies to get it?  And do we as individuals want so  much to be a part of the human pack that we are willing to develop this dis-ease in our bodies in order to identify more strongly with the status quo?

 Another prong of this mindset is the belief that cancer is a reality.  It has such as strong following that thousands of doctors, drug manufacturers and technicians would go out of business if the energy thread of cancer were to suddenly disappear.

Keep in mind that in both examples, the individual is creating the syndrome.

This is evidence of the majority brining into existence painful and limiting ailments in order to support a system that is geared toward scarcity, control, need for permission, need for attention.

How would the Words of Life affect this?

The Words of Life are not concerned with keeping any specific individual or organization in business.  I once had a Reiki client who had cancer throughout her abdominal cavity.  She was desperate to be well and that allowed her to let go enough so that over 90% of the cancer dissolved.  But she had felt such care from her physicians that she allowed a small bit of the cancer to remain on her cervix, so that they had something to do.

Her willingness to trust the Lifeforce energy of the Universe allowed her to dissolve most of her cancer.  Her misplaced loyalty to her doctors still necessitated an operation.

The Words of Life say that love conquers all.  If you go to a doctor today and she or he says you have a life-threatening condition, what is the first thing that happens?  Often it is fear and panic.  Why?  Because the system is set up for you to at that point surrender to humanity.  The strongest energy threads available are fear and panic, which gives the doctor, who also buys into those threads, the opportunity to take from you your own divinity and “play God.”

What if, instead, you were to look the doctor in the eye and declare that you were completely well?  I’m not speaking of denial.  I am speaking of the acceptance that there is a swelling or growth or pain, and accepting the pain and declaring that the Laws of the Universe return the balance of the body.

What if this is the purpose for sickness?  To train us again and again to turn to the Laws of the Universe instead of giving in to the laws this world has created?

There is a growing sense of remembrance that we create our own realities.  This is directly tied to the Words of Life, because the more clearly we remember how and why we decided to create the realities that we find ourselves in, the more the messages of the Words of Life will also come back to us.

The Words of Life are tied to our deepest beliefs, our deepest connections and our deepest sense of self.  In each situation there are right actions available.  Often, though those actions may be considered, they are discarded because to do what is universally right might hurt someone’s feelings or damage a company’s reputation or jar the status quo or hurt our own reputation.

But to choose the Words of Life is to choose the ultimate nature of life over the temporary nature of keeping what is called “peace” in the moment.

Think about that statement for a moment.

“Keeping the peace” has come to mean compromise, making others feel good or mollifying others, the lesser of the evils, saving face, etc.  What do any of those things have to do with peace?

You see that even the words of the Universe such as Peace, Joy, Love, Compassion have been altered to agree with what the Collective Consciousness of this world wants them to mean.

Can you see how limiting that is?  How “keeping the peace” prevents us from seeing what real Peace is?

Why the Words of Life don’t always appear to be words of life is that they appear to go against the established flow of life in this manifestation.  So it might seem more life-giving if you were to give in to peer pressure instead of reporting an offense.  It might, in fact, seem to be life-restricting to speak the Words of Life and speak up instead of covering up.

It may seem life-restricting to refuse toxic or invasive procedures to rid the body of a tumor or infection.  But speaking for the Universe is never life-restricting.  Yes, the possibility exists that you may speak the Words of Life and be taken from this manifestation to another.  Does that make the Words of Life wrong?  Or is the example you leave an inspiration for others to do the same?

In this way we grow the collective consciousness to the point where the illusions are made clear and individuals return to themselves.  There is no need of intimidation or fear or manipulation when the basic laws that run a world are Laws of dignity, equality, respect, patience and gentleness.

Look deep inside yourself.  Take some time to define each of the Universal Principles in their purest form.

Some of those principles are:  Love, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, respect, dignity, honor, loyalty, balance, patience.  There are many more.

Once you have written your definitions, see if you can employ those Laws and speak the Words that come from those definitions, in your everyday life.

Another way to express this is to simply like what you like, because you like it, without worrying if anyone else likes it or not.  This goes back to the idea of how we create popularity by choosing as a group one artist, singer, etc. over another when all have skill and a message to share.

Remember, you will meet resistance because this world is still fighting to hold onto their own laws and definitions.  And also remember to be gentle to yourself. Do not punish yourself if you feel you could have stood more firmly for the Universal Laws or spoken the Words of Life more clearly.

You are developing a new skill.  Go with the Light within!