Unicorn Portal


Unicorns are highest-dimensional etheric beings of purity and light. They contribute to the birth of new stars, planets and life in general. Below is an invocation to call unicorn energies. More to come.

Unicorn Portal Ceremony


I call you, Alpha monoceros, brightest star in the monoceros constellation.

I call to you in the northern sky, in the Orion belt.

I call to you, active stellar nursery.

I call and activate you, Rosette Nebula in the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn’s Rose

I call to you, in the Milky Way, to activate your energy as a bridge,

Not only between Monoceros and Canis Major,

But as a bridge of peace and a gateway of light.

I call to you, energies of unicorns and the Fae

You who set the boundaries of space

So that matter may be created.

I call to you, faithful allies

Send your peaceful light to Gaia

Shine upon Her and all Her inhabitants.

Let the light of your being shatter

The energies of greed, darkness, hatred, hierarchy,

Harshness, impatience, war and sickness.

Let the peace of your being heal

The elements of water, fire, metal, air and earth

Let balance return.

Stabilize it in our beings.

Let the energies of newborn stars fill us to the brim.

Let all our energies resonate in harmony

Before it is too late.

Gaelic chant to cal unicorn energies:


Gaelic Chant, in English, 2022

I call you down from the sky

I sing you down from the stars

Shining ones, with spiraled horn,

You of brightest energy form.

Come, come

Bring peace, bring peace

Return to us our deep integrity

Hear our cry, that we may remember

To reach for the stars.

Your presence is ever with us,

Sending hope and peace

You will return.

Gaelic words:

Tha glaomardh a-stan bho speur

Tha ceileirich sibh a-stan bho reulach

Tu de chota lonrach agus adharc,

Tu de chota is gil fuinneamh

Tiugainn thusa, tiumgainn thusa,

Beir siochainn, beir siochainn

Ar ais linn ar n-ionracas

Chloisteail ar caoineadh, gur feidir linn cuimhnigh

Ruigse do reulach

Tha na thoir thairis dull

Ag seoladh dochas agus siochain

Sibh an till

Sibh an till

Sibh an till