The Wisdom of Fehu, First Rune of the FUTHARK

The wisdom of the Rune Fehu:

Fehu represents the energies of Success, Satisfaction and Fulfillment. It is the sigh of satisfaction after a task successfully completed or a job well done. It is the success of a project that takes on a life of its own and produces much more than you anticipated.

The core meaning of Fehu, though, goes much deeper than the physical manifestations of a good outcome. In its core, it is the energy of self-worth.

The purpose of Runes was partly to help you be more aware of the energy patterns in your life, and partly to urge you to delve deep into your being and see the themes and beliefs that motivate you.

Fehu asks: what does it take for you to feel confident in your being? Does it take the physical manifestation of success or wealth? Or will you look deep enough to find wealth in the simple reality of your being-ness? If you do that, your stability will not depend on how much you get for your efforts.

Fehu has an Upright and Reversed position. We have discussed the Upright position so far. The Reversed position is concerned with how you feel when you or others you depend on, fall short. What do you do with frustration? Do you ask what you need to learn, or use the frustration as “proof” of your unworthiness?

To return to balance, use the embedded Isa Rune of Contemplation. Put things into perspective. The Great Wheel will keep turning. What could just be a difficult day does not need to be made into anything bigger. Use the energy of Isa and Fehu to help you rise above any difficulties.

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