Day Out of Time aka Galactic Freedom Day or Worldwide Appreciation Day  The Sirius Gate energy days remind us that we are the Song of the Stars. Focusing on these Gates helps us remember how to share our beauty and purpose. The Day Out of Time marks the space between the ending of one Galactic Year and the beginning of the next. Each Galactic Year has a theme. The theme for July26, 2023 – July, 25 2024 is White Overtone Wizard. The Day Out of Time occurs on July 25 each year. It is celebrated across the world in over 90 countries by people ofRead More →

Year of the Black Yin Water Rabbit/Cat, aka Chinese or Lunar New Year The Lunar New Year always begins on a New Moon, which is today. This year we have a Super New Moon in Aquarius. Super New Moons feel more like Full Moon energies. This one is called a Stealth Super Moon, that will bring extreme tides—both low and high. Strong storms and seismic activities are also possible. The Sabian Symbol for this moon is: An unexpected thunderstorm. We have not had a New Moon this close to Earth for 992 years. The moon will not be this close again for another 345 years.Read More →

The Four Royal Stars The Royal Stars are fixed stars that form a cross in the sky. They are: Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Formalhaut. Aldebaran, in the constellation of Taurus, is the star of Wealth and luck, and the Guardian of the eastern skies. It is called the Eye of the Bull. It is at 9 degrees Gemini and has the energies of Venus and Mars. It is active from May 29 – 31. It is the leader of all the stars, home to the Silver Gate, where souls are said to travel as they descend to Earth. Working with Aldebaran helps facilitate transformation ofRead More →

Summer Solstice 2023 Energetic Info: Summer solstice is: Sol= Sun Stice = Still Solstice is when the sun stands still, whether it is the summer or winter solstice. Brings a thinning of the Veil, the energetic and physical worlds feel less separate from one another. On solstice eve, the entire energy grid of Earth moves into harmony, allowing us to connect more easily with our Galactic Allies and with the healing energies of the Earth. Traditional things to eat on Solstice: Focus on clearing summer-heat, nourishing qi and quenching thirst. This is a bit tricky this year, as the energetic climate for this summer isRead More →

Esha is a band of helpful energetic frequencies. The information below is what I have so far, though as I work with these energies, more information will surface. Esha Info Esha is a word that can mean “alive” or “full of life”. This is our essential lifeforce energy, the unique energy that makes us who we are. Many of us have had this energy damaged early in life, driving it deep inside where it feels safer. For some, this can feel like a “bomb shelter” where we know we must use all available energies to protect the area, but often we have forgotten what isRead More →

Equinox 2023 Energy Messages The messages below came from several sources: the Great White Brotherhood, the Shining Ones and the Greater Fae. Reclaim a sense of wonder. Even if it seems as if you’ve already seen it all, done it all. Find an aspect in each day that sparks your curiosity, sense of adventure, sense of awe. If you know big patterns well, look to small details. If you have tended to get stuck on details, look at the bigger patterns. Wonder is the combination of both aspects. Simultaneously seeing the minute intricacies as they play out in the bigger patterns. There is always roomRead More →

Channeling from the Shining Ones – May 1, Beltane 2023 We are the Shining Ones. We are known by many names across all cultures. We are the Greater Fae, who have set the parameters where life and matter may exist. Some call us Tuatha de Danaan. Some call us Elohim. Others call us unicorns. Or Alchemists. Or angels. Or Vedic ‘gods’.  Or the Architects. We like that name the best. We sail across the Cosmos in sleek, silver ships with no sails, that are open to the Cosmos. We create and maintain the energy of life called lifeforce. Though some sources claim that we areRead More →

Sirius Summer Gate July is a month of Summer Gates and galactic energies. The first of the Summer Gates, the Sirius Gateway, lasts from July 1 – 7. This year, 2023, July 4th was the exact alignment of that Gate. This Gate is where our sun aligns with the Central Sun, or the Blue Sun, names Sirius. Vesta, energy of  our inner fire, stationed Retrograde in Pisces on July 4th as well. The time of the Sirius Gate is also when we can see the Summer Triangle. From now until the end of December, we can see Vega, Deneb and Altair rise above the easternRead More →

One of the main themes of this year’s Beltane message, channeled from the Shining Ones, was that of creating pockets of Qi-rich energy. There are many ways to do this:             Meditation             Yoga             Qigong             Reiki             Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) Ritual And many more practices. Reiki is an excellent introduction to creating and maintaining lifeforce Qi, because as we practice Reiki, we become more aware of our own unique lifeforce. Yoga and Qigong focus on breath and movement. Being aware of lifeforce Qi as we practice specific movements helps us become aware of the flow of lifeforce around us. Meditation and ShinrinRead More →

  Invoking I’ve talked before about invoking and banishing. Invoking is bringing in or inviting in energy. Banishing is creating a boundary where certain energies are no longer welcome. Because of its inviting energy, invoking is done in the morning. It is a beginning. Because of the boundaries created, banishing is done at night. Banishing is an ending. Less is said about invoking than banishing so I want to talk a bit about what invoking is and some ideas of how to use it. Because invoking invites energies into your space, it is essential that your being and environment be clear and ready to receiveRead More →