The wisdom of the Rune Fehu: Fehu represents the energies of Success, Satisfaction and Fulfillment. It is the sigh of satisfaction after a task successfully completed or a job well done. It is the success of a project that takes on a life of its own and produces much more than you anticipated. The core meaning of Fehu, though, goes much deeper than the physical manifestations of a good outcome. In its core, it is the energy of self-worth. The purpose of Runes was partly to help you be more aware of the energy patterns in your life, and partly to urge you to delveRead More →

  The Five Elements by Kriss Erickson When I talk about the seasons, and link each to one of the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water or wood, it is because we can use the elements to help us communicate more deeply with our beings and nourish the organs. Each of the elements is connected to a pair of organs. Why a pair? Because one organ is yang, the other, yin, in energy. So, there is one yin and one yang organ for each season. The elements are as follows: The wood element is the element of spring. It is connected to the liver (yin)Read More →

Since Reiki level II teaches how to send distant Reiki, I created a meditation where we share energy with a butterfly. As you practice sharing energy, you can connect with other creatures using this outline. The beneficial breath exercise I posted for the Reiki I meditation is also included below. The beneficial energies listed below are just examples, Any beneficial energy may be used. Reiki Butterfly Meditation 10/15/09 As we begin, place your feet firmly on the ground and sit comfortably.  Let’s take a few moments to focus on our breath. As we focus on our breath, we will take in nourishing and beneficial energiesRead More →

I have developed special mediations for each level of Reiki that I teach. One of the main components of these meditations is a breathing exercise where we take in beneficial energies as nourishment. The exercise and the full meditation is listed below:   Reiki I Meditation As we begin, place your feet firmly on the ground and sit comfortably.  Let’s take a few moments to focus on our breath. As we focus on our breath, we will take in nourishing and beneficial energies from the universe. To take in an energy, simply call in the energy and say to yourself, “I am taking in theRead More →

    The Golden Triangle The Golden Triangle is a system of energy channeling received in 1998 by James Purner. Though, as the founder of this information, he has set his intention that this energy should be given freely, without any fee, many websites now charge for the attunement based on this information. The Golden Triangle is an often misunderstood and underused system of Reiki or lifeforce energy. The pyramid focus helps the energy of this system and any system it is combined with, to intensify and clear difficult issues. It does this by gently dissolving stagnant energies, whether they are sudden and acute orRead More →

  Unicorns are highest-dimensional etheric beings of purity and light. They contribute to the birth of new stars, planets and life in general. Below is an invocation to call unicorn energies. More to come. Unicorn Portal Ceremony Invocation: I call you, Alpha monoceros, brightest star in the monoceros constellation. I call to you in the northern sky, in the Orion belt. I call to you, active stellar nursery. I call and activate you, Rosette Nebula in the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn’s Rose I call to you, in the Milky Way, to activate your energy as a bridge, Not only between Monoceros and Canis Major, ButRead More →

Guardian Wolves White wolf Guardian of the North, protect our northern borders. Protect us from the cold of the snow and the fierce north wind. Silver wolf Guardian of the East, protect our eastern borders. Protect our dawns, our mornings and beginnings. Let us begin each day with hope. Red wolf Guardian of the south, protect our southern borders. Protect us from wildfires and from excessive heat. Send the warming southern breezes to bring good harvests. Black wolf Guardian of the West, protect our western borders. Protect our nights. Help us navigate the great labyrinths of our minds and hearts. Grant us the ability toRead More →

From Lord Commander Ashtar of the Intergalactic Alliance, the Ashtar Command and Council of Light Everything is done through frequency. Energy frequencies are sent to help and to encourage harmony, balance and peace. Humanity must use them to clear and heal themselves and their world. Humanity says they are already doing the basic things necessary for life, but they are not. Getting past the basics is essential. The basics: All life is equal Population must be voluntarily moderated All people must be allowed to have what they need for living Peace must be the first priority War must end Food must be clean, non-chemical, organicRead More →

    Channeling 12/19/2020 from Commander Ashtar I am Lord Commandeer Ashtar of the Intergalactic Command. We are currently in your sector to warn you of upcoming events that will affect all on Earth. Inasmuch as humanity has refused to learn to live in cooperative harmony, and has refused to create and maintain a sustainable population level, food and water sources, your world is in dire distress. You have been given many chances to correct these issues. Even this current challenge of global pandemic and the challenges it presents has brought not enough change. Yes, we see that there is some effort to work withRead More →

Note: Though I see the entities that we call “angels” as representations of energies, when a specific message comes through I will post it as I receive it. I see Azrael as the energy of transformation, Gabriel as the energy of healing, etc. Channelings from Archangel Azrael I would like to take a few minutes to talk about myself, about the perceptions and mis-perceptions that humankind has about me and about other helpful frequencies that humankind calls Angels, and to give you a message of hope and connection. Many humans know that my frequency, often called Archangel Azrael, is a powerful celestial being—really, a frequencyRead More →