The Reiki Harmonic: A Simple, Powerful Energetic Tool by Kriss Erickson   Over the years, we’ve been blessed with many gifts from Reiki Source, including three energy portals in our yard. In the summer of 2012, at an outdoor Reiki share group that my husband, Michael, and I were hosting, we were given a special gift from the sentient Reiki Source.   How we structure our Reiki shares is that we first offer a short meditation to ground and center the group, then share group Reiki around massage tables. Four to six Reiki Practitioners share with the person on the table. Each person cooperates with theRead More →

Using Reiki to Cut Unhealthy Ties by Kriss Erickson   I don’t know about you, but somehow, every few months, despite my sincerest efforts to be practical, my closet needs to be cleared out. Some items never make it onto my person, others fade and become worn. Even cherished items, like the embroidered denim jeans that I got so many compliments on that I thought I’d never part with, eventually outlive their usefulness.   I always feel good after clearing out a closet, drawer or other area. Even if my room was otherwise spotless, the atmosphere feels lighter and brighter after a clearing.   ClearingRead More →

Dealing With Challenging Energy in Reiki Sessions by Kriss Erickson   Since Reiki is Universal Lifeforce energy, it will attract all kinds of people. Some will seek help for a physical ailment. Others will simply want energy balancing. Because Reiki helps to support and balance energy, some of those drawn to you could have challenging energetic or emotional issues.   As a Certified Counselor in the State of Washington, I found, especially in the beginning of my Reiki practice, that a fairly high number of people with challenging emotional issues sought me out. Though my bottom line is, and has always been, that as energyRead More →

Reiki Practice Tips: Staying Within Your Scope of Practice   According to Wikipedia: “The Scope of Practice describes the procedures, actions, and processes that a healthcare practitioner is permitted to undertake in keeping with the terms of their professional license.”   Though a Reiki Practitioner does not have the same type of professional license as a nurse, doctor, chiropractor or counselor, we still need to be aware of what a Reiki recipient is asking us to do, as well as remaining aware of our own scope of practice.   As energy workers, it can be tempting to remove all barriers, and simply handle whatever comes ourRead More →

  Ra-Sheeba is the next level of energetic development following the Karuna Reiki® level of training. Ra-Sheeba is all about movement of energy and the energy vortex that is created by balanced male and female energy. We always begin with “The Key”. We always call in Sheeba first, then Ra. We always end with “the Door” and “the Seal of Isis”. All attunements begin with clearing, then we call in Sheeba, then Ra. Ra-Sheeba is concerned with the flow of energy through the body, the interaction of dragon, Ra, Sheeba, Isis and other Egyptian elements, and prepares you for the totally etheric levels of Lightarian.Read More →

Five Reasons Why Sound Therapy Complements Reiki Therapy by Kriss Erickson   Shortly after I became aware of Reiki energy and attunements, I was introduced to the twenty-two frequencies of the Acutonics® tuning fork system. I immediately saw the benefit in sending both etheric, unheard frequencies of Reiki and the visceral frequencies of the tuning forks that are both felt and heard.   The Acutonics tuning fork system uses acupuncture points as pathways to send the balancing frequencies of the sun, moon, planets and asteroids to specific areas of the body. Reiki also sends universal energy frequencies, though these frequencies are felt through intuition ratherRead More →

Reiki is a Complementary Therapy: Be a Complementary Practitioner by Kriss Erickson   One of the reasons Reiki has been able to become more and more accepted as a healthful practice is that is compliments, rather than dominates, other therapies that people choose to support good health. As an energetic method of supporting the body/mind/spirit’s natural ability to heal itself, Reiki’s roots go back thousands of years, with Tibetan, Japanese and Chinese roots.   Reiki’s complementary nature speaks to the study of energy work itself. Though there are many energetic themes that affect our lives, the meaning, emphasis and lessons learned from those themes dependRead More →

Looking at blood pressure from an energetic perspective, it is all about balance. Blood pressure is affected by our view of ourselves. So if we allow fear or anxiety to be a part of daily life, blood pressure can go up.   High blood pressure is also often associated with stress. It isn’t the actual stress that causes high blood pressure, though, but how you respond to stress. What is a stressful situation for one person might be an exciting challenge to another. For example, some people love to fly. For others, the thought of riding in a plane can create anxiety. So it isRead More →

What Is Reiki? by Kriss Erickson   Reiki is a calming, balancing universal frequency that supports the recipient’s natural ability to heal himself. Mikao Usui, the Japanese founder of Reiki, dedicated his life to rediscovering what he called the “Secret of inviting happiness: The miraculous medicine of all diseases.”   Usui rediscovered an ancient, hands-on, energetic method of reminding his fellow human of their ability to heal themselves. He chose the word “Reiki” which means ‘spiritually guided life-force energy’ to describe what he felt.   Reiki is shared through three Reiki Pillars:   The first Pillar: before the session begins, the Reiki practitioner asks theRead More →