One of the biggest challenges in the current pandemic has been keeping people safe while still being able to offer helpful energy sessions. A good way to safely offer sessions is to offer distant sessions.   Reiki level II brings up the idea of the “Distant Symbol.” This reminds us that the space we perceive between us is just that—a perception. Offering a Distant Energy Session is just as effective as being in the same room. With the ability to use Zoom, Facetime and other video conferencing tools, working via distance has never been easier.   What is a Distant Energy Session Like? YourRead More →

Anchoring in Energies by Kriss Erickson   As Lightworkers, one of our tasks in each lifetime is to anchor in beneficial energies. Those energies can be any virtuous theme: love, compassion, generosity, benevolence, kindness, gratitude, and many more.   One way to determine which energy or energies you have been sent to anchor in is to look at repeating themes in your life. Sometimes the energies are straightforward, and other times, the energy is expressed through reversal.   For example, if you are often put into circumstances where you are asked to give when you have a little extra, an energy you anchor could beRead More →

Often, while sharing an energy session, messages will come through specifically for the person receiving the energy. Though some of the messages are specific, most have to do with the energies the recipient has invited into her life.   When I receive messages, they come as impressions, ideas and frequencies—in other words, they come in code that I need to translate enough to help the person. These messages are meant to be Words of Life—guiding principles to help empower the recipient. How they are translated makes a huge impact on how easily they can be understood and used.   A Couple Examples   A commonRead More →

Polarity is the north-south tension between opposite poles. When your body is balanced, the polarity is equal and balanced, which encourages the energies to flow freely in your body, mind and energy fields.  Daily stresses, illnesses and environmental interferences such as microwaves or EMF waves can disrupt the natural, balanced polarity of your being. When this happens, energy gets stuck, meaning it is frozen or even reversed. Where it gets stuck depends on your constitution. Energy that remains stuck will eventually affect other areas.   Since energy flows between north and south poles, when energy has become stuck, there is no flow. This can beRead More →

2019 Spring Equinox Meditation by Kriss Erickson As you probably know, an equinox occurs when sunlight and daylight  hours are equal. It is a tipping point—we are leaving the yin energy of winter behind and building the yang energies of summer.  At the equinox, the energies of yin and yang are equal. So we can think of themes of balance, equality and temperance as we enter a more active part of the year. This year, for the first time since 2000, the full moon occurs within hours of the equinox. This accentuates the energy of release. Let go of anything that you don’t need. Since this fullRead More →

Using Reiki to Increase Patienceby Kriss Erickson As many of you know, I share a weekly Rune reading, using three Runes, each week. I also do a yearly energy summary using one Rune for each month, which also gives an overall sense of the energy for the year. So the energy that shows up in each month, whether or not the actual Rune shows up as a focal point for any month, is the energetic flavor of the year. This year, the flavor is patience.  The energies this year will be less intense, but slower moving. If we use this to our advantage, we can diveRead More →

Elemental Frequencies Dragon Reiki Workshop:   When: Saturday & Sunday, December 2 – 3, 2017. 9 am – 4 pm each day   Cost: $200 per person   Elemental Frequencies Dragon Reiki attunes you to the elements of fire, water, metal, air and earth and introduces you to the dragon guardians of each element. It is a unique way of directly connecting to the elements. The structure used to teach this method is based loosely on ancient Chinese Five Element Theory.   You will learn:   Info on each of the 5 Elemental Dragon Reiki Frequencies, the combined element frequency of the White Hand andRead More →