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Special Beltane Reiki Share

Rising Spirals Reiki, Everett, WA Message for address, Everett

**Please note that this special Reiki Meetup will occur on the 5th Saturday, so is an additional Meetup, in order to celebrate as closely to Beltane as possible.** If you plan to come to the pot luck part of this Meetup, please bring a pot luck dish to share. Please leave children and pets at home. This special Beltane Reiki Meetup will start one hour earlier than usual ( 5 PM instead of 6 PM) to create time for a pot luck, portal ceremony and Beltane celebration. If you would like to come to the Reiki share portion only, please plan to arrive by 6 PM.

Reiki Meetup/Share

Rising Spirals Reiki Message for address, Evertt

**Please keep in mind that our Reiki shares are religion/god/politics/alcohol and drug free.** PLEASE LEAVE CHILDREN AND PETS AT HOME. Please remember to donate. Meetup charges me a fee to hold a Meetup page here. I cannot continue to host Reiki shares without donations. Thank you! Reiki is a gentle, healing, balancing series of frequencies that have been proven to reduce pain and swelling, speed healing from infection and recovery after surgery, calm the nervous systme and more. Reiki Practitioners do no do the healing *for* anyone but themselves. They open a channel of Universal Lifeforce energy and hold space as well as support the recipient


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