Integrated Sound Therapy Sessions: $75

Integrated Sound Therapy Sessions include Reiki, tuning forks, crystals, chimes and bowls. Below is a brief introduction to Rising Spirals Reiki, followed by a more detailed description of each of the components of an Integrated Sound Therapy session.

Rising Spirals Reiki Introduction

Rising Spirals Reiki was established in 2008 to assist others in recognizing and working with their most valuable asset: their own energy. The more we become aware of how and why our unique system works, the more self reliant we become. In 2008 I received my Reiki Master training from William Lee Rand. Shortly after that, I received Atlantean and Crystal Reiki training from Geoffrey Keyte, and began my studies using sound healing via Acutonics® tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, chimes, water sticks and rattles/drums.

In 2010 I received my Karuna Reiki® training from William Lee Rand. Shortly after that, I received my Ra-Sheeba Reiki and Lightarian training from Anne Devore. I became certified in the Acutonics system of sound healing in 2014. I have found that becoming more and more aware of my own energy as well as the energy of the community around me, has helped me attain and maintain greater and greater balance. I have also learned that energy itself will teach you as you work with it.

Acutonics Tuning Forks

Tuning fork energies harmonize your electromagnetic energy. This helps your body to address pain, anxiety, reduce inflammation and improve muscular, sleep and digestive issues. Tuning fork frequencies can also support and encourage optimal function of vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, stomach, spleen, heart and bladder. 

Tuning forks come in three sizes: low, medium and high frequency. These can be used in any combination, for example using a medium and high Ohm (grounding) fork creates an octave that encourages grounding and stability.

Acutonics tuning forks are calibrated to the rotational frequencies of the planets, sun, new and full moons. By placing tuning fork pairs on acupuncture points, an interval of sound is created that encourages balance, tonification, release and/or improved energy flow, deepening on the interval chosen and the specific acupuncture point.

A simple example would be using the medium Mars and Venus tuning forks. Mars encourages vitality and increased energy. Venus encourages harmony and peace. Used together, the potential for  a more balanced flow of energy is encouraged. A good place to use the Mars/Venus medium fork combo would be at Ren 17, located in the middle of the chest. Another good choice would be to use the high frequency Mars and Venus in the energy field around the body.

Singing Bowls, Rattles, Chimes, Gongs and Other Sound Tools

Singing bowls encourage release of stagnant energies as well as providing nourishing frequencies for the body and energy fields. The bell, seen at the front of the picture below, is particularly nourishing for the kidney energy. The sound of the bowls provides an opportunity for calming of the nervous system and refreshing of the body in general.

Rattles, conch shell horns and digeri-do encourage the breaking up of stagnant energies that have become thick and hard to move in the body and energy fields. Shaking them in the energy field around the body encourages the stagnant energies to break  up and move to the surface where they are more easily released.

Chimes are calibrated to the same frequencies as the tuning forks. They hold the same energies as well as the overtones and frequencies of the gongs. The sound waves permeate the entire area where you are working, bathing the recipient in supportive frequencies.

Gongs send powerful, throbbing energies into the energy fields around the body. A set of gongs has been created by Paiste that are calibrated to the rotational frequencies of the same planets to which the tuning forks and chimes are calibrated. Gongs provide overtones and nuances of frequency that bathe the recipient and the surrounding area in nourishing, supportive frequencies. The sun gong, for example, sends waves of vitality and activates healing energies, which is why I strike mine at the end of a session. The Spiral gong, pictured below, is not calibrated to a specific planet but it encourages integration and/or release, as is needed. What is no longer serving you can be spiraled out, as healing, strengthening frequencies are spiraled in.

Stones and Crystals

There are thousands of helpful stones and crystals that can be used as energetic allies to encourage balance and harmony in your life. For example, the large orange stone pictured below is an orange calcite. Calcite comes in many colors and encourages smooth energy flow. Orange calcite helps the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras to release stagnant energies by encouraging you to connect more deeply with your core beliefs.

The long blue stone on top of the orange calcite in the photo below is a blue kyanite. Kyanite are mappers. They look for patterns and connections, then show them to you so you can decide what is helpful and what to let go of. There are so many helpful stones and crystals in our world that there literally is a stone or crystal for every need.

All of these energy tools are complementary and work well together. This is why sound energy tools are such an important part of an energy session. Schedule an Integrative Energy Session today! Ease into the energies of 2020.

Tuning fork energy work complements Reiki

Studying life themes and energy flow is also how I developed the energetic interpretation of the ancient Runes, and also the elegant Elemental Frequencies Dragon Reiki ® system.

What Is An Integrative Energy Session Like?

If you choose to come to Rising Spirals Reiki for a class, workshop or session, you, too, will experience the possibility of opening yourself more completely to your own amazing, unique energetic presence.

I begin with you lying face up on a massage table. I then ask the Universe to open a healing portal specifically for you. Then I place stones or crystals on your body and under the table as your energy fields indicate. I then share hands-on Reiki for about 20 minutes. Then I shift to tuning forks and chimes. The tuning forks are placed on acupuncture points on your body to support your nervous system, organs, joints, chakras and energy systems. High frequency tuning forks and chimes are used in the field to support your energy fields.

I then ask you to roll over. I begin by sharing Reiki for 5 – 10 minutes along your spine and the backs of your legs. Then I use tuning forks along your spine and hips. I place singing bowls along your spine, the backs of your knees and below your feet and play those several times. I follow that by sounding the Spiral Gong and using a water stick. If any stagnant energy is detected, I use a rattle or conch horn to help clear it. I finish the session by sending tonifying and balancing frequencies to your spine and energy fields. Once you leave the massage table and are seated across the room, I activate the Sun and Spiral gongs.

This provides an elegant, individually created integrative energy session. Many people have experienced energy shifts in session. Others experience more gradual changes.

Distant Reiki Sessions: $75

Your Distant Reiki session includes all of the elements of an in-person session.

I begin with 15 minutes of Reiki to support and harmonize your being. I then place stones appropriate to the energy your body has sent me during the Reiki portion. Next, I begin working with the tuning forks, placing two forks on each acupuncture point indicated by your condition and your body’s energy. Using two forks creates an interval to help shift energies to a more harmonious state. This can mean clearing or releasing stagnant energy, sending vitality to depleted areas and supporting chakras and organs.

I also use Extraordinary Vessels. These vessels are in charge of the overall energy flow in your body. I complete all points on the front side of your body, picturing you on my Reiki table, just as I would in an in-person session. Then I picture you facedown and work on your spine and back area. I use tuning forks there and also add singing bowls to break up stagnation and clear the energy fields.

I use high frequency forks and chimes in the field as well to clear the fields so energy can flow more freely and send nourishing, supporting frequencies as needed.

New Addition: Fibonacci Sequence for Sessions:

The Fibonacci Sequence is a series of frequencies that reflects the Sacred Geometry that makes up all things. It is seen in nature, in the way petals form on flowers, for example.
Adding the Fibonacci Sequence to an energy balancing session helps to promote harmony by unifying the three levels of wellbeing: emotional, physical and spiritual energies. This makes Fibonacci tuning forks an excellent choice for unwinding any kind of trauma.
The trauma could be emotional or psycho-spiritual. Or it could be physical, such as a hip out of alignment.
Accessing trauma can be done using the Extraordinary vessels. These are called Extraordinary because instead of yin/yang pairs, these pairs of points are yin to yin and yang to yang.
The Extraordinary vessels form a bridge to help access the trauma. Using the Fibonacci Sequence on two Extraordinary vessels, and possibly also a point of acute “stuck-ness” helps to gently unwind the trauma so that it can be worked through and released.
When you come for an Energy Balancing session at Rising Spirals Reiki, we’ll spend a few minutes discussing any concerns you have. That will inform the choice of Extraordinary vessels and any other point of acute trauma. I will begin with Reiki, then ground with tuning forks. I will support the kidneys, spleen, stomach and heart, then use the Fibonacci Sequence on the chosen Extraordinary vessels.
I will also use tuning forks on the spine, as well as singing bowls, chimes and gongs.
The Fibonacci tuning forks are an excellent addition to the sessions, adding depth where and when needed. I won’t necessarily use the Fibonacci Sequence every time you come for a session, but if you have long or short-term issues that need attention, these tools are a wonderful additional support.
New Addition: 5 Octaves of Hygiea Frequencies
Hygiea is the ancient Greek goddess of health. Myths about Hygiea date to at least to 600 BCE. She is associated with Athena, the goddess of purity and wisdom. Hygiea offers the energies of prevention, sanitation and purification, as well as the ability to expand our perceptions of holism, integration, synthesis.  Her frequency brings an opportunity to better serve the needs of our social, medical, political, and educational systems.

She helps us to sanitize and filter out false intentions of ego to redefine and uphold higher laws of hygiene. Hygiea guides us to a deeper understanding that we must do more than prevent pathology, we must attend to our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirit to bring forth balance and health to empower ourselves and our planet. This powerful healing force works in concert with the other planets to support their growth and evolution to express a truer, stronger, cleaner vibratory form so that holism can blossom.

What I Offer:

60-minute Reiki/tuning fork/crystal sessions: $75 ($60 for the remainder of the pandemic)

90-minute Past Life or inner child sessions: $125

60 minute Spirit Walk sessions (talk to Spirit Guides for life guidance): $75

Rune Readings: 3 Runes: $30  7 Runes, $45

Classes & Events: See dates and prices on our Classes page