Integrated Sound Therapy Sessions: $75

Integrated Sound Therapy sessions include Reiki, stone and crystal energy, tuning forks, chimes, gongs, bells and Tibetan singing bowls.

I begin the session by discussing your concerns, then turn on soothing music while you settle face up onto the massage table. I begin by placing stones and crystals as your energy has indicated, then share Reiki. After about 15 minutes,, I add tuning forks on acupuncture points and chakras, in sets of two to create an interval where the body’s energy has room to shift.

I use chimes and high frequency tuning forks in the field as necessary to break up stagnant energy, encourage smooth energy flow and release stress. I then ask you to lie face down and repeat the process on your spine and back area.

I end the session by invoking my two gongs, a Sun gong for activation and a Spiral gong to release energies that are no longer needed and encourage your being to accept the helpful frequencies.

Distant Reiki/Sound Therapy Sessions: $75

If you schedule a Distant Your Distant Reiki/Sound Therapy session, please treat it as you would an in-person session. We will agree on a time for your session, then you will need to set that time aside. Lie down or sit quietly for one hour while the session is occurring. I will send you a detailed description of your session after I complete it.

A Distant Reiki/Sound Therapy session includes all of the elements of an in-person session.

I begin with 15 minutes of Reiki to support and harmonize your being. I then place stones appropriate to the energy your body has sent me during the Reiki portion. Next, I begin working with the tuning forks, placing two forks on each acupuncture point indicated by your condition and your body’s energy. Using two forks creates an interval to help shift energies to a more harmonious state. This can mean clearing or releasing stagnant energy, sending vitality to depleted areas and supporting chakras and organs.

I also use Extraordinary Vessels. These vessels are in charge of the overall energy flow in your body. I complete all points on the front side of your body, picturing you on my Reiki table, just as I would in an in-person session. Then I picture you facedown and work on your spine and back area. I use tuning forks there and also add singing bowls to break up stagnation and clear the energy fields.

I use high frequency forks and chimes in the field as well to clear the fields so energy can flow more freely and send nourishing, supporting frequencies as needed.