Reiki helps you connect with the Shadow Self


All classes and events are held at my home in Everett, WA. If you would like to attend, e-mail me at or call 425-265-9921.

Distant Sound Therapy sessions are available upon request. Distant sessions cost the same as in-person classes and sessions. 

Private Integrated Sound Therapy sessions: $75. Include: Reiki. Acutonics tuning forks, gongs, chimes, singing bowls and crystals. Call or message me to schedule a calming, life-affirming session.

 Reiki Share Group:

Our Reiki share groups are switching format. Instead of once monthly, I will offer  Reiki shares at special times of the year: Chinese New Year, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lion’s Gate, Autumn Equinox, Samhain and winter Solstice.  Reiki shares are from 6 – 8 PM. I begin with a short meditation or sound bath featuring planetary frequencies, then we share Reiki and snacks.

Reiki Shares for 2024:

June 22: 6 – 8 PM, Summer Solstice Reiki Share.Come share a  planetary sound bath, Reiki share. $5 – 20 donation.

July 20, 6 – 8 – 8 PM, Summer Gates Reiki Share. Come share a planetary sound bath, Reiki share. $5 – 20 donation.

August 17: 5 – 8 PM, Lion’s Gate Reiki Share.  Come share a planetary sound bath, Reiki share. $5 – 20 donation.

September 21: 6 – 8 PM, Autumn Equinox Reiki Share. Special focus: Autumn Equinox, Mabon and International Day of Peace. Come share a planetary sound bath, Reiki share. $5 – 20 donation.

October: 19: 6 – 8 PM, Samhain Reiki Share. Special focus: Samhain. Come share a planetary sound bath, Reiki share. $5 – 20 donation.

December 21: 6 – 8 PM, Winter Solstice Reiki Share. Come share a planetary sound bath, Reiki share. $5 – 20 donation.

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Upcoming Classes, Events & Workshops by Rising Spirals Reiki:

May 18 – 19: Reiki I & II weekend. Learn the history of Reiki, the first 3 Reiki symbols, how to send Distant Reiki, the energy of the 7 main charkas, and more. Reiki I: $150. Reiki II: $175. Save $25. Classes are $300 for the weekend if you take both levels in the same weekend.

Sunday, May 26: Annual Garden Party: 4 – 7 PM. Bring a pot luck dish to share and enjoy an afternoon in the garden.

June 8 – 9, 9 AM – 3 PM each day: Reiki Master Class $350. Learn the Reiki Master symbols, how to do Aura Clearing, how to give Reiki I, II and Master attunements, and more.

June 23, 11 – 2 PM Tincture Workshop $50: Learn to identify many helpful herbs and make a 2 cup tincture to take home. Jars, full-color manual and alcohol for tincture are included.

June 28 – 29: 9 AM – 3 PM each day. $250 Elemental Frequencies Dragon Reiki: Learn how the five elements of fire, water, metal, air and earth affect your health and well-being. Connect to the dragon guardians of each element. Learn to combine elements to create and maintain optimal energetic balance in our ever-changing world.

Sunday, July 14: 10 AM – 2 PM Cement Stone Making Workshop: $40. Make 2 small or one medium-sized Quickcrete cement leaf.

Sunday, August 11, 4 – 7 PM Annual Garden to Table Dinner. Bring a pot luck dish and share gourmet garden-fresh dishes. Free EXCEPT for contributing a food or nonalcoholic drink item

October 27:  4 – 7 PM. Annual Halloween Party: Come in costume—or not! And bring a pot luck dish to share


Special Unicorn Attunement t the July 20 Reiki share


Receive a special unicorn attunement, grounding to the 4 Cardinal Directions, creating 3 upright and reversed pyramid shapes in the colors of the unicorns: Silver, gold and white. This makes a circle within squares (at the bases of the pyramids), a Metatron/double Cosmic Capstone alignment. This alignment helps you ground during more intense energetic times: strong solar flares, strong Schumann waves, unstable planetary conditions.

Hear a channeled message from the unicorns. A unicorn guide or guides may show up for you. We will also share Reiki using the enhanced unicorn stability and protective, regenerative energy.

Here is what the Double Cosmic Capstone looks like:



I will use a spiraled holly wood wand or a spiraled selenite wand to activate the attunement. This attunes you to the energy of the Great Beaming Light, partially represented in the Reiki Master level by the Dai Ko Myo.