Class Schedule

Reiki helps you connect with the Shadow Self

All classes and events are held at him home in Everett, WA. If you would like to attend, e-mail me at or call 425-265-9921.

Soon to come: Zoom classes & distant Energy sessions. I will post an  update once the Zoom option is available. 

COVID Instructions:

Since most of our events are indoors, you will still need to wear a mask for the indoor portion. I will hold events outdoors as weather permits. You do not need to wear a mask outdoors.

General Instructions: Reiki Share Groups are for sharing Reiki only. No religious, political or other controversial topics are allowed. No pets or children under 16 are allowed. No drugs, alcohol or weapons of any kind dar allowed.

Reiki Share Group:

Our monthly Reiki share groups occur on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Reiki shares are from 6 – 8 PM.  Please arrive no later than 6:15 PM. Please leave children under 16 and pets at home. Please do not bring guests at this time without messaging me first.

The Reiki Share group for September is cancelled. I hope that by October we will be able to offer a virtual Reiki share group. I will post updates as they are available. 

Oct. 16, 6 – 8 PM Same instructions as above, except that the event will be cancelled 2 days beforehand, on Oct 14, if there is no interest.


Reiki Classes: Subject to change due to the level of concern from the virus at that time. I am planning to be able to offer these virtually by mid-October at the latest. 

October 24: Learn to Read Runes, $50.  Come learn to read Runes from an energetic perspective. Limited to the first 2 people who sign up.

October 31: Annual Halloween Party 5 – 8 PM. Come in costume–or not! And enjoy a pro luck meal and a one-Rune reading from Kriss

December 4 – 5: 9 AM – 3 PM each day:  Reiki I & II Workshop. Reiki I: $100, Reiki II $125. Special price: Come to both days and save $25—only $200 if you come to both days. Reiki I teaches Reiki history, the Power Symbol, hand positions and more. Reiki II adds the Mental/emotional and Distance Symbols, the Reiki Lullaby and teaches how to send Distant Reiki sessions.

December 11 – 12: 9 AM – 3 PM: Elemental Frequencies. $250 Come learn how the five elements used in Traditional Chinese 5 Element theory can help you maintain homeostasis. Connect to dragon and unicorn guardians and learn to move your energy more freely within the 12 dimensions that make up our world.

January 8 – 9, 2022: 9 AM – 3 PM each day $400 Karuna Master Practitioner Workshop. Open to those who have been a Reiki Master for at least one year. Come learn the 8 Karuna Symbols, the Karuna Master Symbol Ohm, how to work with the Shadow Self and how to add toning to your Reiki sessions. This level does not teach you to teach Karuna. An additional day of training is necessary for that.