Elemental Frequencies Dragon Reiki Flowchart

Beginning in 2012, the elements of Fire, Water, Metal, Air and Earth (in that order) began coming to us in a more personal way. Since then, many groups and individuals have created classes and systems that incorporate the five elements that make life possible on our planet. My system, Elemental Frequencies Dragon Reiki, is loosely based on traditional Chinese Five Element Theory. It introduces the elements of




And Earth:

As well as attuning you directly to the elements and the dragon guardians.


The dragon guardians are: Uruloke (Fire), Apalala (Water), Longwe (Metal), Gladiator (Air/Wood) and Shesha (Earth). The dragons as well as the direct connection to the elements comes in at the 6th Dimension, and goes to the tenth Dimension. Our world consists of Twelve Dimensions of energy for creation and sustaining of life.

Gladiator, the Air/Wood Element Dragon

The 11th and 12th dimensions are the realms of the unicorns Cartazanos and Kaarkadaan.


This 2-day workshop helps you connect more directly and deeply with each of the five elements and the dragon guardians of each element. That allows you to monitor and call in elemental energies yo help your being be as balanced and energetically vibrant as possible.

This two-day workshop is a $600 value, but at present is being offered at the very special price of $250.


The next Elemental Frequencies Dragon Reiki class is March 9 & 10, 2024. See class schedule for more info. PM me by Wednesday, March 7 to attend. No prior experience with Reiki or energy work is required to take this class.